Creation and Destruction

“I wouldn’t want to write if no one ever read it.” I read somewhere.

That started me thinking, because what if that writing is so evoking and riles people into actions unbecoming the human race. But then again what is becoming to the human race? Isn’t that destruction? For it seems humans are particularly apt in wrecking what has been created. And what if that creation has to be brought down, because its creation is leading to the demise of said humans? Shouldn’t that be creating opportunity and annuls the destruction? Staring out of my window, into the garden and I see that I need to weed the plants growing beyond their borders. Another form of destruction that creates the chance for growth, for without weeding there is suffocation and suffocation means destruction. Smiling I whisper, “Tomorrow I will perform the horrid task of destruction, not now, now I will create some written monster that will gallop out off my reach into the world”


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