Slave to the Machines

” … how is it possible that so many people are not interested in others but themselves?”

Lucy sits in the autumn sun and sees people pass each other by. She gives the homeless person–whom nobody seems to notice–a cup of coffee. He is grateful beyond compare, it embarrasses her. She doesn’t want this kind of gratitude for such a trivial matter. But he is not thankful for the coffee; he thanks her for the recognition of his existence. “It’s just,” Lucy thinks, “why wouldn’t he be seen? Is he not a human after all? Is he not a fine example of how one can exist without all that we seem to need these days? Is he not wise in refusing to offer what this greedy world wants from us? Is he not truly free from what holds us back from being human after all?”

The man knows no greed, he lives from what he can get and when she asks, “Do you like your life?” He smiles and says, “I am truly free. You are a slave of your machines and society. Do not feel sorry for me, feel sorry for them.” And he points at the men carrying their briefcases and serious faces. On their way to yet another greed meet in their beloved bank.


2 thoughts on “Slave to the Machines

  1. Very interesting view! I like your description: “On their way to yet another greed meet.” so many are. I lived in Africa for some time, so I’ve seen the poor. We really take so much for granted here. We should always be thankful for what we have.

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