The Way of the Weekend Warrior by Linton Robinson

The Way of the Weekend Warrior
by Linton Robinson

Linton Robinson slaps you with wit, a clever insight on modern society, the entertainment and information business, as well as the depravity of mankind. And it’s all delivered in a very pleasant package. Saying what everyone–at times–thinks and showing what probably a lot of people wish for. While the book is set in the here and now, it takes you on a stroll down memory lane, revisiting the Eighties with referrals to Cheers, Charlie’s Angels and other icons of the ‘free spirited’ era–at least it was that way for me.

I do need to warn those with aversion to explicit language, whether it’s graphic sexual content or violence. Yet there’s still enough left to the reader’s own imagination. This book makes you smile while you cringe, but in a good way.

The main character, Wiley, is so loathsome you actually can’t help but like him and the way he manages to have things his way. The way he stumbles through life makes you wonder: Should I start bumming around and have fun, see where life takes me? Or should I follow society’s expectations and secretly envy characters like Wiley? While several of the others starring in this view on society are just examples of the hollowness that seems to have corporate US by the throat and ready for the take. At one point a character says, “You are being deserved.” And that’s exactly what happens; they get all that they deserve, in ways you never expected.

All in all, a more than pleasant read, which I strongly recommend if you like to be entertained without restraint and surprised beyond what you imagined.

Its 352 pages kept me hooked from start to finish, and Linton Robinson was kind enough to remember the fact that not everybody owns a Kindle, or resides in the US. The book is available in just about any format and well worth your money and time.

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