The Art of Making Love

This time a post not of my own hand, but by a young poet I came across on the Writer’s Beat.

The Art of Making Love

By Kelly Foolish

I want to poke holes in your chipper front.
I want to ruin your order at the drive-thru.
I want to buy the apartment above yours
and stomp around at night.
I want to give you the bad diagnosis.
I want to delay your flight.
I want to heckle you onstage.
I want to clean the toilet with your toothbrush.
I want to pull you over when you’re drunk.
I want to be your shitty lawyer.
Yeah baby, I want to fuck you.

Should you want to read more of her work you could go to her pages where she showcases more of her hand. She not only writes slightly disturbing, or surprising poetry, but has a knack for confronting prose too.




2 thoughts on “The Art of Making Love

    • She has some great prose and more poetry, some disturbingly good and others … Well, she has a talent to indeed put things differently and a serious lack of drive to do something with her work.

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