Nightsound by Jerry W. McKinney


 I love to be frightened. Freaked Out even. Yes, that is capitalised and on purpose, because these shorts will scare the panties off of you. Get your knickers in a twist and have you looking under the bed, in the closet and double checking the locks on doors and windows. Knowing the things that go bump in the night will not be stopped by such trivial matters as locks or closed doors. But when that is done you’ll happily crawl back in bed to pull the covers over your head and read on.


If you like your fear served in bite-sized portions, ready to be devoured in bed while darkness surrounds you and nightsounds are audible in the house, you should definitely get this collection. It will change your perspective on certain things, and will definitely put you off from certain scents, or even places. I know I’ll not be very comfortable around big orderlies for a long time.


This collection of short and scary stories is certainly a must read if you have a craving for the disturbing horrors of Nightsounds and creatures unknown to you before.


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