Running in Corridors by Ch. Edwards

Where to begin? Let me start by saying this author has a knack to not only tell a great story of love, deceit, excitement and resolve, but he then takes you right smack into the middle of it. Leaving you to guess how much of it is real and what is made up.

The book is loaded with details but never once those details block out the story or halt the flow. And then there are those references to music, all fitting the moment and the scene. They not only help set the time, but paint a clear picture of who this lively Frankie character really is. It actually made me hear those songs, see the scenes and remember those days. When a book does that to me, it’s a done deal. I’m swept into that world and happily travel the paths on which our Frankie stumbles, falls but always manages to get up from again. A world painted in such striking pictures it’s easy to lose yourself in.

From the first page through the last Mister Edwards has you running with Frankie and not once it feels contrived or fake. Real, or make believe? It doesn’t matter, either way it is cleverly written, full of wit, charm and the occasional breathtaking moment. Where needed there is a serious note to bring you back down to earth and forces you to realise these are matters of life and death Frankie has to deal with.

To whom I would recommend this? To everybody who enjoys reading a slice of life and to those wondering about how real people live real lives out of the ordinary.


2 thoughts on “Running in Corridors by Ch. Edwards

    • You should! This is one of those rare treasures to find in the soup that’s Amazon. I never regretted a single moment of my time spent reading it. Let alone the money spent. Really worth every cent.

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