Trouble in High Boots by Elizabeth Black

Cover Trouble We all know Puss and the Marquis of Carabas, but this is a take on the story which is a breath of fresh air. An arousing twist on a tale that could have been a common piece of smut. Elizabeth knows how to surprise and take this piece erotica into a kinky direction with a little fetish and a lot of heat.

Without giving away too much I would like to say that this puss is a kitten who knows what she wants and how to get it. Clawing her way out off trouble and seducing her way into the life she craves.

I must however be honest and tell you that there was one minor thing that took me out off the story. Less nit picking readers might not even be bothered about it, but I was. The author mentions a sense of feeling in the solar plexus, not once but twice. Since that is a sensitive knot of nerves, no emotions reside there. I think she aimed for a ‘dramatic’ phrasing, but missed the point altogether.

Other than that it was a satisfying read that gave me a few very arousing moments. If you expect to be entertained this story is worth picking up.


It’s available at Amazon for only $5,74


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