Finally! Red Gone Bad Available for Download!

After writing the stories, having them edited–thoroughly and without a doubt near perfect–I first wanted to submit my stories to a paying market. Then my dear colleague and friend Kimberley Grenfell aka Devon Winterson put the idea in my head that self-publishing them was a possibility too. At first I thought, “Nah, that’s not for me. I don’t know where to start, what to do and …” Anyway, I had more of  those non-reasons holding me back from it. But she had me looking into the matter and soon enough I realised it gave me full control on the how, what, where, and when. Not such a bad idea after all!!

That meant making a choice. And I did. I chose to self-publish.

Now I needed a cover! Got Gimp, found a photo of Flickr and gotten the permission to use is from Nineteen68 (the photographer) and tried my hand at cover art. Failed at it, miserably and nearly gave up. Then I posted my own work up at Writer’s Beat and a member stepped up and helped me out with it. I am for ever in his dept. Thank you! I ended up with a beautiful cover I would never could have created myself. And we all know books are still judged by their cover. Even ebooks!

Now I needed formatting to be picture perfect. Struggled a bit, until I discovered that with Scrivener that is a near walk in the park, if you know how to use the program right. I learned and got it right!

So now, without further ado, I present to you


I hope you’ll be interested enough to go take a look and read the sample, or even buy the book. A mere $0.99 buys you tales without a happy end in sight.

On Amazon

Or Smashwords


7 thoughts on “Finally! Red Gone Bad Available for Download!

    • Thanks, Lynda! I’m so proud! Can almost not fathom I actually got here. It has been and still is a very thrilling ride. I suppose the excitement will lessen in a few days, but as it is, I’m staring at my book on Smashwords and Amazon and seeing my name and people are actually buying copies. Wheeeeheeee!

  1. The cover looks very intriguing, and super proffessional. This is the stuff I’m looking forward to learning about (or stressing about) when I finally finish my novel and possible self-publish. I’m looking forward to downloading this one–sounds interesting.

    I found your blog here from Writer’s Beat. If you get a sec perhaps you can go to mine and follow? So very low on followers…Thanks!


    • I thought I already followed yours? I’ll check and see. If you say I’m not, I’m probably not and will correct that mistake asap. The cover is made professionally, as is the editing.
      If you are going into self-publishing hire David Gilmore, a super editor who leaves you with a great finished product.

      If you will buy it I’ll love you for ever. Hahahha. But seriously, If you decide to get my Red Gone Bad, I think you will enjoy it.

      hanks for following my blog and see you around on the Beat!

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