Need for Change

Another day and again Lucy sits behind the big windows overlooking the garden, she’s staring outside and muses, “Why is it that so many young people feel the need to change what is good? Why can’t they accept that older, wiser humans have found, by trial and error, the best way to achieve something is not to throw away that what is good along with that what can be improved, but to use what is there to use to your benefit and not to shout, just to try and be noticed for their loud being, but for their contributions rather than their voice of mind, even if that voice sometimes has the right tone and intentions. By just raising their small human voice and getting attention, it is not always the attention that they seek. Much like that boy that cried for the beast, he wondered why none would believe him when the beast finally came at his call. Why can’t those young humans hear their loud noises disturbing the peace. Why can’t they see the fleeing of humanity for their loud call for attention. Why do they seek that attention, can’t they be content by just being one among other humans? Can’t they feel their own strength if it is not confirmed by others? Why do they feel that burning need?”

Lucy shakes her head and watches the child practicing his slow and deliberate kata. It is almost as if he flows, his limbs fluid, yet filled with power and his face a see of tranquility. So it is there, in young humans, that knowing of worth, that lack of need for confirmation. If one human child can find that within himself, it must be there for all. “Ah, but again, that is wishing for the perfect world.” So, Lucy drinks her espresso and decides to just watch the child a little longer before she returns to the loud noise of humanity. And the demands they make to be heard above all others for it is their wish, their need and it needs changing.


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