New Year and Resolutions

Right, the year is officially one week old, or young, or on its way. Which ever you prefer. I have made a few resolutions–now don’t laugh, this time I will stick by them, because they are fairly easy to follow up on. Most of them are not very interesting to you, my dear blog reading friends, but this one is.

I found that this blog of mine was just a rambling mess of whatever came into my mind to hurl out into the virtual world. No more! I will have a structure. (I know what you are thinking now, “What? She’s giving up on the ‘write whatever you feel like’ routine?” yes and no. I will still have those days when I need to muse, or just rant, or ramble on screen, and there are days when I’ve finished a really nice book that deserves a four or even five star review which I will post then too on this luvely blog of mine.

But, and this isn’t a new idea, still it is for me. I will have Features Author Days! Two a week nonetheless! Tuesdays and Fridays I will feature a fellow author, whether it be indie or trad. an author is an author, I’ll have you all. Bwahahaha.

I’ll do the interview and give the author a platform to ramble on any topic they want, just don’t expect the beaten path questions, I want to do it slightly different. At least I hope I will succeed at doing it differently. You, my dearies must let me know if I meet my goal in doing the interview just a tad different from what’s already being done, or at least have a set of questions that are a bit off beat. So, come and read, leave your comments and don’t gorfet (or as you might say, ‘forget’) to take a look at the author presented and perhaps even buy their book and like their pages.

On friday January 11th, Bella Harte, author of Scarlett Phoenix, a young adult paranormal romance, will be my first guest.

Bella's book



8 thoughts on “New Year and Resolutions

      • Tea! I’d sooner serve hard liquor and get them pissed. Hahahaha, loosens the tongues and who knows what might fall out, eh? Dirty secrets on my blog. Hahaha. Nah, I’ll soon have no author willing to appear if they know their coffee is spiked and their tea not less boozed.

      • Hi Jo Deary! (very insincere grin while handing her a coffee) Here have some coffee. Drink up now. That smell? Must be from the dishwasher soapy stuff, Nooooo, there’s no liquor in your coffee. Wheeeeheeee! Must try out things, eh?
        But I guess I could just give you the booze and forget about the coffee, right? So, what’ll it be? Calvados? Margaritas? Tequila, undiluted and ooohwheeeheee! Or shall we start with a nice red?

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