Readers meet Authors on Google +

Jo Robinson, author of some mighty fine sci-fi reads (go get them, you know you want to) and friend of mine, has, together with Carol Bond, another great author (must read her work too), started a community on Google +.

Readers Meet Authors

There readers from all over the world and internet alike, can meet up with authors of all kinds. Whether it be bloggers, writers of books, fiction of non-fictions, or even reporters writings for newspapers. Everybody who luvs words and knows how to read them is more than welcome to join up. Come alone or better still, bring a friend, or two or three, or each and every one of your two thousand Facebook buds.

We, meaining, Jo, Carol and little old me, will be looking forward to seeing you all piling in and joining our ranks. Let’s get this thing bigger than life. Wheeeeheeee!


2 thoughts on “Readers meet Authors on Google +

    • Come and play! It’s fun, and we don’t do prison. If you misbehave we’ll just throw you out right away. Wheeeheee! hahaha. But not you, you’ll never get that treatment.

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