Featured Author Lorelei Bell

Finally! I’m very pleased to announce Lorelei Bell as featured author. 🙂


Hi, Lorelei and welcome. I’m glad you agreed to this interview. I know how busy you are with the book so I’ll try not to Distract you, my fellow Writer of Mass Distraction. 🙂 Let’s get on with it.

Can you give me your best Whoop? Unless you have another one which

works better for you?

How about a YEEEEHAWWW!

Okay, sounds like a winner that one, but does it work all the time,

even those times when the muse has gone and done a runner on you? And

when did you first start with it?

My muse kicks and screams at me. So, not likely. I think my muse has

been with me at birth.

You are on the right track there. Let’s do a few of

the yada yada questions before we move on to the fun.

What is the title of the book you would like to talk about?

Vampire Nocturne

Vampire Nocturne

Available at Amazon

Love this cover! Anything to tell us about the book? I mean there has to be something you would like to say. 🙂

You’re kidding, right? I could ramble all day long

about it. Where do I start?

Anywhere, it’s your party, I’m just here to accommodate.

This is book #3 in the Sabrina Strong series. I wanted to have a story

that had a lot of mystery going, but also the Victorian/steam era sort

of had me enjoying the ride as well.

Sabrina Strong’s cousin, Lindee, has disappeared, and when she goes to

the last place Lindee was seen. She finds herself transported to

another world and century, where vampires rule. While trying to solve

the mystery of where Lindee could be in this world, Sabrina encounters

Drakulya—the real-life Dracula—a.k.a. The Impaler—who has somehow

managed to become a vampire living in this strange world, and rules as

King. He is mystified by Sabrina’s various abilities (like being able

to disappear at will from her imprisonment), and he’s decided she’s to

become his blood dame. Meanwhile his son, Jett, simply wants her,

despite the fact he is to marry a vassal’s daughter, Penelope.

Drakulya’s own wife, who is near death, and has been infected by

entities called Dreadfuls. When it is discovered Sabrina can “kill”

them, Drakulya gives her high status in his house (yep, no longer a

mere blood donor). Now Sabrina’s services have become high in demand,

and she has to figure out who is the creator of these creatures before

it’s too late. She needs to solve this mystery before she can find

Lindee, and must go up against a blood broker who may be behind the

murder of a popular and well-known blood dame—and wants her blood by

hook or crook.

There’s a fight scene at the end that involves Drakulya, other

vampires dueling, blood draining, and a little surprise about one

character who died in the end of the second book. Lots of hot hunks in

this one to keep the yummy meter running.

Lorelei! I must read the entire series now that you’ve supplied us with such an enticing blurb/synopsis *wishes she could write a synopsis like that, but that’s besides the point* Ahum, let’s go on with the interview.

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

Yes. At first, and then I remembered I was going with titles that

related to classical music references. (Vampire Ascending is from a

music title “Lark Ascending”,  Vampire’s Trill is from “Devil’s

Trill), Vampire Nocturne, just worked because of how the book takes

place in a world called “Beyond the Black Veil”, and how most of the

scenes are done at night. Just sort of fits.

If you would have to change the genre, what would it be then?

I don’t know. I enjoy fantasy so much, I couldn’t do anything else.

But maybe mystery.

Just to confuse you we’ll take the alternative route now.

What don’t you like about writing, or whatever you need to do marketing wise?

I hate to market my books/myself.

You know I haven’t met an indie who really likes the marketing part of being an indie. Sorry for the interruption, go on.

If I could just sit at the computer

day and night I’d have thousands of books out by now. It gets

frustrating too. Who am I reaching out to? Are they listening? Will

they go and buy it? Have I made it sound so interesting that they

couldn’t possibly pass it up? Or did I over-sell. See? Drives me


Okay, now tell me, when your muse is visiting and you’re on a roll, what would

seriously drive her/him away?

When the feral cat mother had her kittens, and they were playing

outside my window—I sat and watched them. Now, how can you not watch

kittens play and act so crazy?

I guess when you love your hairy friends, you cannot resist, 🙂 I must admit, although I am not a great cat lover I do like the grumpy one and kittens are okay too I guess.

But what I’d like to know is what does your muse look like?

She’s invisible. But her voice is in my head 24/7.

Do you ever speak to your characters and do you get along all the time?

Nope. If I did, my husband would have me put away for sure. But I like

when my characters talk to each other. I’ve done blog posts where they

talk about one another too.

Oh, that is a good idea, maybe I could invite them over sometime? Let them give me a holler if they ever have something to share.

Next question.

Can you name the food and drink that will surely get you started?

Coffee. Breakfast. Chocolate.

Would you be able to come up with an excuse on why you haven’t written

a whole day, and have me believe it too?

My teacher ate my computer? No? Oh, I know, had a power surge and

everything went out, we starved and froze. The End.

Hahahaha, *rolling on the floor laughing my skinny ass off* I believe you, yup I do. 🙂

And finally, why would you ever want to live life behind a keyboard

slaving over a manuscript?

That’s a darn good question. I think I like to be alone, and in

another world entirely devoid of this one.

Okay now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot

your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want the blab about. But please

no cat’s, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious.

Tell me something none has ever heard before from you. hehehe, love

those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

I love to travel with my husband (28 years together). We enjoy the

western states—live in boring Illinois. We live in a 1906 farm house,

on a restored prairie/wetlands park, and are the managers of it. I

love to go for long walks in the warmer months, birdwatch, check out

the flowers and so forth.

Wow, Lorelei that sounds like a place to be envious about. When can I come visit? (Just kidding of course, but it is a great place to grow old with the one you love)

As to secrets? I’ve always had a crush on Tom Sellack and would have

loved to ride around in that red Ferrari of his.

Who didn’t like Tom and his red Ferrari? Nothing to be ashamed of more of a fun fact really. Thanks for sharing all this with me and the readers.

Well peeps, that wraps up the interview, all that’s left is for Lorelei to share some personal facts with us. 

Come on, spill.

In her teens and adult years, Lorelei has always rooted for Dracula to

be the dark romantic hero, but was often disappointed. She was

considered odd because of her interestes in the macabre,

horror/vampire movies–way before it was “cool”.

When not at her day job, Lorelei works on her novels, inventing new

characters, hunky vampires and the worlds where they dwell. Her

writing has been compared to Anne Rice’s more gritty novels, but with

a humorous twist in the tradition of Charlaine Harris.

For those who’d like to follow Lorelei and Sabrina on their journey through life and books, she can be found on her blog Lorelei’s Muse

Thank you Lorelei for taking the time and sharing all this with us. I’ll see you around in this world of bits and bytes. Until then, read, write and be Distracted.


10 thoughts on “Featured Author Lorelei Bell

    • Hey, there, Lucy. This was fun! And I think not only Sabrina, but the leprechaun, Rick might want to visit some time. Possibly together. In fact I could arrange that they talk to you from their favorite haunt, Tom’s Tavern where you never have to pay and the barkeeper knows exactly what you want to eat or drink.

      Anyway, it’s been a blast coming over and visiting you and your followers. Thanks loads!

      • Oh, sounds magnificent! Send them over, or we could negotiate how and when they appear?
        Your answers made it very easy to make this interview as fun as it turned out to be. Thanks. 🙂

  1. Great feature on my Writers of Mass Distraction, friend. I enjoyed getting to know Lorelei better through this interview. We share many of the same feelings and views as writers.

  2. Great interview Lucy. Lorelei is a wonderful writer and it sounds like she lives in heaven. Very cool place to write.

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