Featured Author – Cheryl B. Dale

Cheryl B. Dale agreed to join me on my blog to day to tell us something about herself and a bit more about her book. I’m glad she came, because this is one author none should miss. At least not if you like reading on the romantic side, but don’t shy away from a bit of mystery and paranormal elements.

Hi Cheryl, welcome and make yourself comfortable, because I will be asking you all sorts of questions. Let’s start with, “Who are you? Face and facts please.” 🙂

2013 headshot

My first published book was a Harlequin/Silhouette romantic suspense. It was made into a TV movie.

You must be so proud! Sorry, go on.

An updated and revised edition is now available for eReaders. Since then I’ve published a hardback light mystery and several eBooks including three romantic mysteries, and a gothic with paranormal elements.

Reading is my only hobby. Being a lazy slug means I don’t enjoy cooking, cleaning, gardening, or anything else that takes much effort.

You sound like someone I know. Nothing to be ashamed of, time used for domestic stuff is better used writing. Right?

My guy and two cats share my space. One cat watches television with the guy. The other reads with me.

That sounds like a wonderful life. Now let’s get on with the interview, because that’s what you came for. So, shall we?

Can you give me your best Whoop? Unless you have another one which works better for you?

Hey, I don’t whoop. I’m dignified.

Okay, not all of us have that need. I can understand that a sophisticated woman like you has no need for whoops. 🙂  

Why don’t we do a few of the yada yada questions before we move on to the fun?

What is the title of the book you would like to talk about?

The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain, a gothic with paranormal elements.


Intriguing cover! 

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

No. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I mean, can you think of a more blah title?

Cheryl! That almost sounds like you aren’t completely satisfied with it. I quite like this title, it fits the genre.

If you would have to change the genre, what would it be then?

Probably a romance.

Just to confuse you we’ll take the alternative route now.

What don’t you like about writing, or whatever you need to do marketing wise?

There’s nothing about writing to like or dislike. It’s just something I do. Marketing I hate. I’m a shy, inhibited, introvert. In general, I’m not even sure I like people!

Well, it’s hard work liking people, because let’s face it, there are quite a lot of ‘characters out there. Especially online. 

Tell me, when your muse is visiting and you’re on a roll, what would seriously drive her/him away?

Well, I hate having to stop and do something else, like dental appointments, catfights, supper… But usually I know where the story’s going so I keep plodding on, over and around interruptions.

What does your muse look like?

I have no idea. A computer screen, maybe?

Do you ever speak to your characters and do you get along all the time?

No, I speak only to myself. The characters, even the baddies, and I get along fine. After all, I’m the one in charge.

Can you name the food and drink that will surely get you started?

Started on what?

You know, writing, your day, whatever. Oh, you don’t really have a coffee/chocolate thing like me?

Would you be able to come up with an excuse on why you haven’t written a whole day, and have me believe it too?

If I take a day off, it’s because I’m recharging my batteries. I’m okay with not writing for several days because my head is always churning with characters, scenes, and plots. I usually figure out the main points in my head before I begin writing.

That is an amazing snippet of insight in the writer you’ve just given us. Thanks Cheryl! 

And finally why would you ever want to live life behind a keyboard slaving over a manuscript?

I can’t imagine not doing it.

Okay now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want to blab about. But please no cats, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious. Tell me something none has ever heard before from you. hehehe, love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

Hmmm. Hard one. I am by nature a blabbermouth so I have few secrets. But you may not know I drive a convertible? Rather daring for a Timid Tess like me.

That is indeed a surprising little fact. Thanks for sharing that with me and the readers.

Well, Cheryl, I’m glad you had the time to stop by and answer my questions. The only thing left is sharing where we can find you and the books on the internet.

Cheryl’s Website




Buy Links for Books (also on Cheryl’s website)


Taxed cover


Barnes & Noble


Beauties cover


Barnes & Noble


Portraits cover





ManBoat cover


Barnes & Noble




Barnes & Noble

17 thoughts on “Featured Author – Cheryl B. Dale

  1. Always love to see how authors answer your naughty but nice questions Lucy, and love the personal insights into their lives. Imagine having your book turned into a movie! Wow! Enjoyed your chat today again.

  2. Entertaining interview, ladies. Lucy, I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog. Cheryl, you’re amassing quite a collection of books. Keep ’em coming! All the best to you and your writing,

  3. Have read every single book by Ms. Dale – and saw the movie. Will read any others she comes out with.

    A convertible, you say! I can see that.

  4. I don’t think the blog going out late hurt a bit. Most of the time I find myself looking at other people’s interviews one or two days later, when I catch up with my email! Thanks again for having me, Lucy. And my little convertible does make me smile!

  5. Falafel, I only have my guy and he’s no Thelma or Louise!

    Mari, Sometimes it’s two or three days later when I get by because I’m on digest for most links!

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

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