The Supermarket Maffia

“… fell in the trap of the lure of ‘three for two’ and ‘two for one’.” The addictive soul Lucy got captured and the rucksack loaded to the max. Stood on the ledge it seemed not as heavy as her mind was burdened with a heavy load of guilt for this behaviour. “For isn’t it due to humans and their insatiable need to consume, to get the deal, save money, one of the reasons their world is being consumed? Chop down the forests! Humans need to grow corn. Not to eat, but to produce bio-fuel and save the planet. Or to keep cattle to feed the lust after fast food. Mac, The King and KFC. No, no saving there, destruction is more like it,” Lucy muttered and hooked the straps over her shoulders. Then she took a light step forwards and nearly toppled over backwards. She would have landed on her back, braking the bottles of wine. Instead she managed to find a balance. “What if humans could find that balance too. Feeding their mouths while not burdening their world. A balance which leaves room for the guilty pleasures of Western consumerism. Eventually stood, firmly packed, yet unburdened, she walked the long mile home. “See? As easy as pie,” She smiled proud of herself. Knowing she cannot evade the supermarket traps, but can save in her own unnoticed way. Just walk instead of drive and buy products local instead of imported. Her stomach growled and once again she felt the weight of the rucksack pulling her down from the high she was on. “… how a grumbling stomach and an addictive mind makes a for a susceptive victim of the supermarket mafia.” Once at home sat on the sofa, wine in hand and under the duvet Lucy remembered the cheese and rises to check if there’s still some left. “That wine was on sale, couldn’t pass on the offer. But with wine I’d want cheese which wasn’t on some special action and not for the wine, the cheese wouldn’t have been bought and already nearly polished off.” Because she fell in the trap of false savings and ended up spending more than she’d really had to. She knows the supermarket mafia design their traps for humans to walk into and they do so happily, like Lucy has proven. “Just some dishwasher soap, bread, and milk. That was really all they needed, instead it became an overpacked rucksack and two carrier bags. “The greed buried in every human takes over, or was it ‘spend now save later’ that makes them forget the only saving is found in not spending, but only buy what is truly needed.” Startled by how stock piled the cupboards in the kitchen are she realised the amount of food within reach would last them weeks and nothing but milk and bread was really needed. “But that chocolate they had last night was very nice, maybe tomorrow they could get some more …?”



7 thoughts on “The Supermarket Maffia

  1. After such a dangerous journey you NEED three bottles of wine and plenty cheese. Not waste dear Lucy to have things that you deserve. I’m glad you didn’t fall over backwards! πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Jo my Dearie, but I haven’t learned a thing from this experience. Each time I enter a supermarket, even if I only need milk or juice, I come back with more. 😦 but chocolate and cheese! Who can resist those? (Especially the regionally made cheeses. Nom!)

  2. I have a better solution. Jot down what you will need during the week. On shopping day, check the grocery ads, collect your coupons (paper, digital, and/or both), write out your grocery shopping list and do not deviate when you are in the store. Also, do not shop when you are hungry. It was my husband that was always reaching for those other “things.”

  3. Chocolate, of course, is one of life’s absolute essentials. Absolute isn’t quite a sufficient term for it, though. Rather like calling Lake Superior a pond by comparison.

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