Everville – The First Pillar by Roy Huff

Not so long ago Roy Huff offered me this book. I gladly accepted his gift, because let’s be honest who would decline a free book? As it turns out I’m more than glad I accepted it. This book is a gem! I will not spoil your fun by posting a revealing review before you had the chance to get it and read for yourselves. Hurry up you only have 5 days! Because as from today it is …


Everville – The First Pillar

cover Everville

Owen Sage is the emblematic college freshman at Easton Falls University. With all the worries about his first year in college, he was not prepared for what would happen next. His way of life was flipped upside down when he mysteriously crossed into another dimension, into the beautiful land of Everville. His excitement was abruptly halted when he discovered that there was a darkness forged against both the natural world, which he knew well, and the new land which he discovered, Everville. He must devise a plan to save both worlds while joining forces with the race of Fron and The Keepers, whom both harbor hidden secrets he must learn in order to gain power over the evil that dwells in The Other In Between.

With a race against time to save both worlds, his short time at Easton Falls did not quite prepare him for the evil, dark forces he must fight in order to conquer The Other In Between.

Available on Amazon

Free from May 12th through May 16th

And to add to this Roy has decided to have a free signed paperback giveaway on Three Blank Pages blog. Hurry up and follow the link to this event for your chance to win.


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