Author Spotlight: Lucy Pireel

Ella Medler has me in her Spotlight 🙂

Ella Medler

Welcome to this week’s first Author Spotlight. Today, I’ve got the pleasure of introducing Lucy Pireel, a wonderful author who gets her best ideas while tied in a knot. How’s that? I’ll let Lucy explain.


So, we need to talk about me? What is there to say? What can I say, too much, and probably not enough. Let’s start at the very beginning.

I was born in Brasil, father a high ranking naval officer, mother a nice Jewish girl he met in the Netherlands when buying ships for the Brasilian navy.

Moved all over the world, you could say I have no home-country—boohoo, poor, little me, I belong nowhere, except there where my heart is—to land in the US.

Okay, nowadays I live in the UK, have a son who lives with his dad, not in the UK.

I love to bake, and cook, but not to eat that much…

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