Guest Blogger Day

I watch you not from above, but right behind you, giving you space and freedom, roots and wings.

 When you need me, I walk beside you to hold your hand, to comfort you without you even knowing I am there.

 To say he is beautiful would be an understatement. 

He stands alone, standing on the edge of the sand, the waves soothing his tired, aching feet. 

His smooth, delicate features are turned toward the sun, a hint of a smile crosses his full, petal soft lips.

He is not aware I am standing behind him, watching.

Keeping him safe, without him even knowing it.

Fresh warm summer breezes tousle his thick, flaxen hair making it fall in his eyes, blocking his vision.

Yet, he does not make any attempt to push his hair away, choosing to keep staring out into the great, wide horizon and simply daydream.

I am lost in my own day dream, just standing here watching him, falling more and more in love.

Then a sweet, angelic voice fills my ears.

“Please come stand next to me.” He says, his voice barely above a whisper.

I move, and stand next to him.

He turns slowly, and smiles, his big, round, indigo eyes hold mine.

He is peering into my soul, seeing all the love I have for him, all the hopes, dreams and my fears.

I suddenly feel inferior next to this gorgeous, flawless creature and become afraid I will not be able to keep him safe.

Give him enough love, all that he needs.

But then, he reaches out, touches my hand, enfolding it in his own, pressing it to his heart.

He smiles at me once more, returning his gaze to the endless horizon.

Suddenly, with that one simple touch, all doubt, all fears melt away from my soul.

All I am left with is my love for him.

Overwhelming, all encompassing, life changing, unconditional love.

His warmth blankets me with peace.

This beautiful boy.

My son.

By Tina Traverse

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4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Day

  1. I pressed the ‘like’ button, but it wasn’t enough. This is a movingly beautiful poem and I love it very much. It created an echo in my heart.
    Thank you, Lucy for introducing Tina Traverse to me.
    Tina, thank you for sharing your poem. It’s one I’d like to remember.

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