Guest Blogger Day

Thomas Ryan’s new novel

The Field of Blackbirds

cover TRyan Blackbirds

American born Jeff Bradley – ex Special Forces, has left the military and taken over the running of Boundary Fence, a vineyard left to him by his Croatian grand parents. Having limited knowledge of the wine industry Jeff hires Arben Shala a Kosovon refugee as his manager. Arben, an experienced winemaker from the former Yugoslavia mentors Jeff and the two become good friends. When a storm destroys their ripening crop and threatens the financial viability of Boundary Fence, Arben returns to Kosovo to source bulk wine.

He goes missing.

Jeff promising Arben’s wife he will find her husband and bring him home travels to the UN administered Serbian province and with help from an American aid worker Morgan Delaney, Barry Briggs an Australian working with the UN and the enigmatic Lee Caldwell an agent for the world’s largest private security firm, they uncover a multi-million dollar property scam linked to a series of bombings across Europe.

Ignoring death threats from the Kosovon criminal underworld Jeff and Morgan dig deeper and when the shocking truth behind Arben’s disappearance is finally uncovered it sets in motion a chain of events that brings Kosovo to the brink of civil war and forces NATO to put tanks and troops onto the streets of Kosovo’s major cities.

Ryan is that rare breed of thriller writer, a craftsman and an artist.!” – Acclaimed American writer Lee Jackson author of Redemption.

Thomas Ryan can be found online at his site

The book can be bought at Amazon


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