Guest Blogger Day


by John Holt

So, after months, if not years, of toil and trouble, your epic is at long last completed, and is ready to be released on the world. You have had the good fortune to find a publisher prepared to bring it into print for you, or you have gone down the Self Published route. Either way it is there, for sale. Pretty soon you will realise that writing the book was perhaps the easiest part of the process. Even getting published wasn’t that difficult, especially if you do it yourself. With; Createspace; Kindle Direct Publishing; and several other outlets on the Internet, publishing is easy, and at no cost.

Now comes the difficult part, selling your book. Nobody is going to buy because they’ve never heard of it. So you have now got to publicise, promote, and publicise, and promote and … until you make a nuisance of yourself. And then you have to publicise and promote some more.

I can’t remember the exact figures but I was once told that every month 20000 new books hit the shelves (virtual or otherwise). That is some competition.

OK, so what do you do to publicise your opus, especially if funds are tight and you can’t really afford a half page spread in the Times. Well there are some things you can do. Firstly let your local library know, give them a copy. They might be prepared to arrange an event in the library. I had one a year or so ago. It wasn’t the event of the century, but I sold about twenty books, and handed out some leaflets, and book markers. Tell your local newspaper, they might be prepared to publish something about you. I mentioned earlier about leaflets and book markers. Well apart from them I have business cards relating to my books, I have sticky labels that I place on every letter that I send out. This is all effective advertising that costs nothing. And one other thing. If you have more than one book. Make sure that details of all of your books are included in the last few pages of ALL of your books.

Whatever you do I wish you every success.


Epidemic wraparound

My latest book “Epidemic” is available on all Amazon market places

14 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Day

  1. Hi Lucy – thanks for featuring this article – I hope that your readers find it helpful and leads to masses and masses of sales – whatever you all do I wish you well

  2. I never thought of stickies on my correspondence. Of course, I don’t really “correspond” by mail with people. I pay bills, but even they are mostly online. I will remember about the list of books in the back, however. Thanks!

  3. Okay, so where do I get these free bookmarks and sticky notes for letters?
    I think I may be able to do the library thing and make my own flyers and leaflets. But the bookmarks and the stickers for letters I cannot seem to find.

    • Hi Jen – You don’t get the sticky labels, or the bookmarkers – you make them. At least I do, using Microsoft WORD – I take my book cover, reduce it in size and using one of the WORD template I use the cover, plus some text to make a sticky label. The book markers contain the covers of all of my books and a link. I hand them out at any, and every opportunity I can. As for the labels well I don’t have much correspondence these days, but if I do post something it will have one of my sticky labels on it

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