For The Love of Ireland by Judy Leslie

Judy Leslie has written a historical novel For The Love of Ireland. It is about a female American journalist writing under a male name during the late 1800s.  The story is based on real people and actual events and she is here to tell us more about it.

For the Love of Ireland by Judy Leslie3

Hello Leslie! Glad you could make it back here. Last tim we talked about you, tell us about the book this time. I have a few questions, but first have a coffee and make yourself comfortable.
Okay, let’s first do a few of the yada yada questions before we move on to the fun. And by yada yada I do not mean boring, or in any other way stupid questions, but just the traditional ones. You know? The ones we secretly all want to know the answer to.

Right, we know which book you would like to talk about. So, tell us something and we’ll take it from there.

For The Love of Ireland. It is a based on a true story about a Chicago couple, Ireland’s Land League, and the secret Irish-American organization the Clan na Gael.

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

No. I think the title is perfect since the book is about several people and the actions they took “For the Love of Ireland”.

If you would have to change the genre in order to be able to publish it, what would it be then? i.e. would you conform to the market?

It is hard because there are so many subcategories in the historical fiction genre now. My book is not a historical romance and romance readers would find it lacking in heat. If I had to change genre I would say women’s fiction would be my next choice, since my book deals with the issues women faced during the 1880s. My protagonist is an American journalist who publishes under a male name.

I’m glad to see you are one of the authors who does not let a genre’box’ keep her from writing the book as it is supposed to be. To show you what that is everyone should read the following part of this post.
Margaret Sullivan dines with politicians, rebels, and spies. She is an admired journalist with the Chicago Tribune publishing under a male nom de plume. Her unscrupulous husband is a prominent attorney and power broker with aspirations of his own. They are well-connected members of Chicago’s 1880s Irish elite.On her trip to Ireland to do research for a book she is writing, Margaret meets a charming one-armed Irish rebel named Michael and finds herself attracted to him and his ideas for liberating Ireland. While traveling through the stone-walled back roads of the island, Margaret sees for herself how the poor are treated. She breaks her vow never to get involved, and soon questions if she can ever go back to her old superficial life in Chicago again. Overcome with her new found emotions and strong desire to help the poor Irish tenants, Margaret finds herself easily convinced by Mrs. Delia Parnell that women can be just as crucial in the fight for Ireland’s independence as men.Back home in Chicago Margaret publishes articles hoping to gain support for Michael’s cause. That is until he is arrested. Desperate, she turns to her jealous, devious husband for help…but he has a hidden agenda of his own.
Torn between her career as a journalist and compassion for those overseas, she finds herself trapped by her own aspirations. Soon things spin out of control both at home and abroad, and Margaret has to decide how much she is willing sacrifice for Michael and her love of Ireland.For The Love of Ireland is a historical novel of love and loyalty, deception and honesty. It is about women fighting against traditional roles and gender prejudice, while trying to carry out humanitarian efforts in Ireland. For The Love of Ireland is a work of fiction woven around actual events of the Irish Land League, a Chicago couple and the covert activities of the Clan na Gael.
If you want to know what I think of this book, do return a week after today to read my review. For now I’m very curious to your first impression after reading this post.  
Can you tell me in the length of a tweet what will entice you to buy a book?
Should you not want to wait until my review goes live, please do buy the Paperback or Kindle Edition on Amazon and leave the author your review too.

4 thoughts on “For The Love of Ireland by Judy Leslie

  1. No Tweet-sized comment here–I’m not good at shortspeak. Nice interview–this sounds like something I could really get into. So–what entices me to buy a book? Blurbs, previous experience with the author, the title itself, and the cover–not always in that order. “Free book” box at the library–I visit it often–another enticement for adding to my library.

    • Good! A writing blog reader! 🙂
      You give some good info in your reply, thanks for that. Now the blogging writer must implement this knowledge and write a whole new post on what attracts the reader.
      Always a thing I wonder about, but there’s so many things which are attracting to one but repellant to another. Like all teh buy my book tweets, for example. No doubt they work, but I can’t seem to make myself do them for my own work. Any thoughts on that?

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  3. Excellent answers, Judy!

    Not sure if this is done in the size of a tweet, but what gets me to buy a book is if I like the author already, and want to keep reading their work. Or if the blurb itself grabs me, or the general subject itself.

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