How to Not Alienate the Potential Reader

I see a lot of tweets when I’m at it. Yeah, I know I’m way tooooo often on facetweet while I should be writing, but I’m an addict. Erm, I mean, I have to for marketing reasons. What? You say I never market my work? Ha! But there you are wrong. Or right really, since I never, or hardly ever tweet the kind of tweets most indie authors seem to favour, i.e. “Buy my Book!” or “I have had a great review! You should buy my Book too!”

This is what I think those tweets are.


I am talking as the reader I am too now. Because don’t forget for a moment I might be an author who needs to market her books, I am a reader too. A reader who needs to be enticed to at least look at you, the author, and the book you are trying to sell me. Let me tell you here and now, sending me direct messages telling me to take a look at your book on Amazon do not work. They put me off because I get those by the hundreds each day and they get deleted upon impact in my inbox. I am not the only reader who does this, and if you’re not careful you will find yourself in the naughty corner for this behaviour, i.e. your messages will fall on dry ground and you’ll have ruined your chances I’ll ever look at your books because you have annoyed me once too often.

This is what I’ll be doing.

bert ernie

Same goes for those who only send out tweets along the line of “Buy me Book!” Tweet about something that catches my eye, something that makes me wonder, surprise me, make me think, make me laugh, make me think. Do not bore me, because if you cannot be creative in your tweets, how can you think I will expect you to be creative in your writing? Offer me more of you, of your ideas, of what makes you tick.

You ask me what should you do then? Well, I’m not the marketing guru to ask. What I can offer you is my view as a reader. We want to get to know the author, the author draws us to his book. Give us your attention, your time. Show us we matter, and not just our money which buys your book. Remember it is the person holding the wallet who buys your book, but only if you can entice us too. You might think browbeating us into submission by bombarding us with your book might work, but it doesn’t. Really, it doesn’t. At least not with me and not with a lot of readers I know.

How I feel when the next “buy my Book” message drops in inbox.

Scully blahblah

So, what do you think you can do different? Authors I challenge you, give me your best. Show me you can do better, entice me to buy your book, but not by bombarding me with pleas to look at the buy site of your book.

Tell, me what do you think you can do different?

Featured Special Person! Kriss Morton aka The CabinGoddess

About this author

Today Kris Morton, better known to most people as The Cabin Goddess, features on my blog. She often says, “I’m not a proper author like you guys.” But I dare to disagree with her. She writes great content on her blog as well as poetry and stories.

Let me tell you a bit about her before I tie her down and grill her. 🙂 (No, not with bacon!) Sorry about that, but she just luvs her bacon.

Kriss Morton currently lives in a small cabin on the outskirts of Fairbanks, AK with a wonderful man and an overbearing cat. She is a medievalist, new media journalist, photographer, author and social media expert by trade, as well as being well known at her Zen approach to cooking and recipe creation.

Like I mentioned above she loves bacon and it is a re-occuring ingredient. See this recipe, it allows you to put bacon on everything from now on.

Her main focus of writing is a collection of poetry which has been published in two different Literary Journals including an English Honors program Sigma Tau Delta Society Collection and Permafrost, the farthest north literary journal for writing and the arts.

Her first open published work not related to academia or her blogging content is a whimsical fantasy tale based in Alaska full of zombies and other mystical creatures rich with delight.

Currently she is a full time author imaging publicist and marketing executive with The Finishing Fairies, a co-owned multi-platform business, for several independent authors and projects. She also is working diligently on getting her own personal publications finished and launched including a collection of poetry and short stories influenced by her life in Alaska, a graphic novel cookbook, and a post-catalyst alternate futuristic novel. All while continuing to write poetry daily.

Be it humor, poems, tales of wanderlust, her heart is pure Alaskan and her pocket is always full of snowflakes.

She is warmly known as Cabin Goddess, a 21st Century Mona Lisa on her way to a rave in the Indie Publishing world, fondly calling many books her best of friends.

At the moment she is in the race to be awarded as most creative blogger by the Bloggy Awards.

bloggy awards

I think she is just that and deserves to win. Take a look at her blog and if you agree–how can you not?–jump over to the contest site to vote for our very own Cabin Goddess who brings us wonderful, creative post day in day out.

 If you are as impressed with this busy bee and her relentless, creative promoting of authors and books, why not follow her and show her the love she deserves? Let her know you found her through me and she’s be happy to have you among her friends. This is where you can find her online.

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And now for some serious questioning

Hi Kriss! How are you today? Busy? How could I have thought you’d be anything but. Always working on something for one or the other author. But now it’s about you! Take a seat, have a bacon sarnie (blt) and something to drink, because it’s Goddess grilling time. 🙂

Can you tell me how you celebrate when a tour you’ve organized does extremely well and book sales fly up after it?

Celebrate? Ummm uhhh, oh wait I can party? I can celebrate? OH I usually yell all over the net and social media and say “yaaaaaa you guys rock!” Because it is NEVER an effort that I alone do! It is a group effort! Sure I have come up with some pretty awesome ideas, I can admit it, but it takes more than just me to implement it!

You want to know my dirty little secret? I indulge in … reading a book of my choice! Yep, one I am not suppose to be reading that is in my TBR but a book of my own choice! Usually a zombie one or a cozy mystery! (LOVE my zombies and my cozies and my cozy zombies!)

Okay, sounds like you know how to pick the good ones. But how do you work around those moments when the energy is just drained from you but you have to work anyway?

I shove food down my throat, perhaps take a 30 minutes break or nap (if I can slow my Brian down) and start again.

Brian? Don’t you mean brain? Oh, you don’t and I should just click on Brian to see what you mean? Okay, 🙂 *scurries off to do that* Hahahaha, great! If you, my dear friends and readers, want to know too, click and find out for yourselves.

Anyway, sorry for the interruption. Go on.

I have to force myself to get up and use the little girls outhouse half the time! I keep saying, “just one more tweak or one more edit!”. Or I rant online and call authors assholes, yes I know that is a bit over the top but usually when I get drained it is like I am an ABB magnet! So … I react and swear a lot and then I feel better, clean the blood off and move right along, occasionally saying I am sorry!

And we love you for those honest rants and swearing sessions, because you do it to make us be better promotors of our own stuff.

Right, you might just have a winning formula there. Now, let’s first do a few of the yada yada questions before we move on to the fun. And by yada yada I do not mean boring, or in any other way stupid questions, but just the traditional ones. You know? The ones we secretly all want to know the answer to.

First, what is the title of the book you are working on? Come on, don’t be shy or hide away behind the Goddess front. I know you are working on something. 🙂

I am debating if I am putting in any shorts or anecdotes to my Alaskan Dreams – a pocketful of snowflakes. It is a collection of dark poetry and stuff I have published in the past in a literary magazine. Also since I write haiku daily I throw some of that in too. 50% of it is flash to go with the theme of snowflakes. Beautiful moments in time.

I also have Gargoyle Hunters which is a YA adventure/mystery based on my time in Germany as a teen.


A personal exchange with a family in Germany. Not only does it start off wrong, it just seems to get worse, until she meets someone even more interesting than herself and with the same obsession, the gargoyles which adorned every church in Europe.

Oh, sounds intriguing. Can you share a bit more? An excerpt? That would be great!


What the hell, why not.

“Can I get coffee or something then, because obviously no one gives a shit, and sorry this American is beyond caring if she offends tonight, I will apologize in the morning!”

I was done, wrapped up in a bow of bitch, and was glad I was wearing my jeans and my boots. Right now for the first time ever, I really appreciated my jerk of a little brother. He would never pull this stunt, was this normal? Did they hate Americans this much? While everyone else was getting their perfect little parts in order and paying the bill, I made sure my camera was loaded for bear, at least I could do something productive that did not involve pushing anyone off a ledge or tripping them down stairs when we got to this castle. Wait, did they say castle? Maybe I could push through.

Now I want to read more, but I guess I’ll have to wait for that to happen, eh? Do you have more?

My pandemic is called The Darkness


“They say home is where the heart is but my heart stopped beating with any emotion since The Darkness came.”

When The Darkness came it tore apart families, communities, cities and lives. Now the world lays in tatters and only a few small groups survive. Celeste lost everyone and now her family is a group of survivors she never would have called friends before. There is no blood ties in this family, but it is a family none the less. Each day is a struggle of survival. A struggle to fight against The Darkness which consumes everything, and everyone. Home is now a place that can be safe another night. A place to find solace in those who still survive.

Come on give us an excerpt of this one too!

Dust blooms across the rays of sun breaking through the boards crisscrossing the windows. The smell of urine drifts over from the corner.. Chantal must have wet herself again last night. She’s surprised she didn’t herself, the Darkness was especially brutal. Thankfully she won the pool; five direct hits and no missed shots which means she gets the cup of coffee today. Matt had two hits and missed four times, which means he has retrieval duty. Considering he lost his brother right before dawn broke it will be a very solemn morning for him. Heck who was she kidding, for everyone.

It had been weeks since anyone had been lost and no one person can be held to blame but Matt’s brother who was showing off for Chantal again. Matt’s brother … she could not even bring herself to think his name. He had no name anymore, he was just part of the Darkness. Part of the blight which erased everyone’s lives and replaced them with this nightmare.

She glanced back at Chantal who was still sleeping and noticed the window above her now sported a broken pane. Mentally she added boarding it up to her to-do list. The scent of coffee began to overpower the outcome of Chantal s nightmares as she sat up on the grungy re-purposed yoga mat. Standing up she noticed a clump of dust settling in the shadows beneath the window and she and wondered who it used to be part of.

Again, Kriss, this read like a ‘I want to read more of it’. So what’s triggered this one?

This came to me because I really wanted to write something based on Flash Fiction exercise. I still dream this book and I have deleted it three times after writing it. I am back up to 25K and working through it, but I do not like my own writing.

No one does, at least no sane author(isn’t that an oxymoron?) does. We doubt and that is good, it makes us work to get it better.

Did you have difficulty coming up with the title?

Titles are easy for me because those take marketing skills. I can sell a book with a tweet, I can write kick ass titles!

Maybe I should hire you to come up with a title for my next project. 🙂

Do you have a deadline?

muwahhaha, other than when the next bacon shipment is coming? Only in my publicist work do I deal with deadlines. For my own work, only if I schedule tours and posts and interviews otherwise I am pantsing it, BABY!

Right with that out of the way and to confuse you we’ll take the alternative route now.

What don’t you like about writing.

My writing. Seriously, I can’t get everything from Brian down onto the page. I know I can weave a good tale, I KNOW I can but it sounds like a 12 year old wrote it. And my Grammar SUCKS, (see all I have written above).

That’s what we have editors for my dear. 🙂 Just write the dang book, have it read by betas you trust to be relatively good writers themselves and then hire an editor for the SPaG and left-over plot and continuity issues. But why would you think your grammar SUCKS?

WHY? Because I am a medievalist! I studied medieval literature, as in it was written down in old French or Old English (which is frightening to the ‘nth degree to translate) and heck they used seven different spelling for many words! Forget Grammar. So I am most afraid of writing something and have folks read it and go “And she has the NERVE to tell me I don’t know how to write?” Ya, it will bite me in the ass, big time I am sure!

Hahahaha, you are just another author afraid to fail. Doesn’t matter we’ll get you to finish that book and you know what? I want to be one of your betas!

Now, what do you do marketing wise and what do you think generates the most attention to books?

Engage … ENGAGE … engage … location, location … location and PERFECT TIMING to create the perfect storm. It is all about timing, engaging the right audience that you have to pay attention too and putting it out to the RIGHT PLACES!! Create it with an event and you have the perfect storm. NO one approach will work with every book!

In your professional opinion what do most indie author do ‘wrong’ when marketing their work?

Act like they deserve it, think short term and ignore their audience. Read those one, two and three stars. Be OPEN to criticism, no matter how much it hurts, because it will. Separate yourself from the crowd and not engage. Have no current blog, because you are a writer but you cannot find an extra hour or two a week? Bullshit, get your ass off your self-entitled high horse and write about writing, about books, about anything! People want to know you as a person, not just a book cover … Oh ya, not have an author image, SHAME! I could go on but like I said earlier, this is one thing I use for target practice. I don’t want to give all my good rants away!

What do you do to try and keep your authors (the ones you work with) on the right track?

Repetition, repeating stuff, making sure they are told things over and over … Oh wait, you get that part? Yes, this is necessary! Authors are doing (if I am doing my job right) what hey need to be doing, writing and tend to be so hyper-focused they forget they have to avoid doing the above and continute to step out of their world and head a bit and go into marketing mode and say hey once in a while  … do your cheerleader/beauty queen wave and move along. Make sure you get involved in groups or other places and support other authors, this is a big deal. It shows you are thinking about more than just yourself. I know you can do it, come on … that is it!! RETWEET! SHARE, and show the love! *grin*

Do you ever feel like you’re shouting to the wind?

Buwahahaha … No comment *shoving the gun back under the couch*

Now for a little lighter Q&A.

Is there any food or beverage that is a constant factor in your life? (I kind of know what her answer will be, can you guess?) And can I have the recipe?

Seriously? Ummmmmmmmmmmm BACON? I own for crying out loud! Easiest recipe I am going to give ya right off the top of my head, candied bacon of which I use in many a recipe!

  1. Cut bacon in half and lay in a large frying pan, fry a couple steps lower than you usually do, this is because you are going to candy it and sugar burns.
  2. Turn it right before it is crispy in the edges, so NOT drain the oil.
  3. Cook for a few more minutes till the other side is done and pour pure maple syrup over the top.

krisspy bacon
Nom! Krisspy bacon!

How do I use it? May a way! Great in salads, especially if you are adding fruit. I love it in a spinach salad with walnuts and strawberries. It is pretty yummey! Or you can make your own Maple Bacon Donut!

bacon dougnut

Me? Recipes? I am writing a bloody cookbook too … oh ya, cook book – one title

DUCT TAPE and KETCHUP PACKETS – second title – THE BACON WALKER ( a graphic novel cookbook)

So you actually have another project on the go. Were you trying to hold out on me? Hahaha, you’ve just blown your cover woman. You are a proper writer!

Would you be able to come up with a credible excuse why you haven’t written a whole day on your own WIP? Remember, I have to believe it!

Asrielle Catnapped me

Kriss and cat

And finally why would you ever want to live life behind a keyboard slaving over a manuscript?

Because I am getting fat … LOL Seriously I want to be back outside more again and walking more and living Alaska again instead of stuck inside. I miss my photo walks and my skiing. My eyesight (I am going blind) has caused me to be stuck at home unless my partner, Geoff, walks me. Asrielle sucks, she keeps chasing dogs! *shaking head* and leading me into trees!

Okay now that we have the mandatory questions out of the way, shoot your mouth off. Tell me whatever you want the blab about. But please no cat’s, dogs, or children. Make me laugh, or cry, or even envious. Tell me something none has ever heard before from you. hehehe, love those little dirty secrets, real or make believe. 🙂

I love peanut butter and mustard sandwhiches? No wait I have admitted that before … ummm, I kissed Phil and Steve Maher before? (Alpine Olympic gold and silver medalists) … blah that ages me, Peekaboo used to ride on my shoulders … Oh, to esoteric …. I like tentacle porn? SHIT … Ummm, HELL I am pretty much an open book! I have a tender soft spot for orphaned goldfish … there my dirty secret is out!

Wheeeeheeee! I knew you are a softy! Kriss, thank you for showing us the woman behind the Goddess.  And when you have finished either one of those projects you are working on, you must let me play a part in promoting it!

Book Tour and Giveaway – Devoted by Katherine Polillo

Today it is my turn to host the tour and Giveaway promoting Devoted, Book II in The Watcherís Trilogy

Let’s take a sneak peek and see if you like what I like.  

Can love conqueror all?
Michelle has managed to survive high school against all odds, but now she finds herself floating adrift in ìthe real worldî. With two horsemen defeated, there are still two unaccounted for, and surely they are plotting her immediate demise. Michelle leaves her small New Jersey town behind to venture off west. Barely able to comprehend her role as humanityís savior she now has to grapple with some new roles and identities. With her Watcher, Gabriel, by her side she must again face the evils of Hell and attempt to keep her family safe. Will love conquer all or will till death do us part come too soon?


I am proud to tell you I have been honoured to host Gabriel. one of the characters from this book. He’s here to tell us things, things we all should know …

Highlights of Humanity

So as most of you know, I’m Gabriel. I’m Michelle’s Watcher from Destine and Devoted. I value my role as her Watcher more than anything else. That being said I use to be an Archangel and I’ve had the privilege to witness a few of humanity’s major events. I thought for this post I would share with you a few of the most awe-inspiring moments I’ve had the opportunity to behold.

  1. The first fish who pulled himself out of the primordial ooze and crawled itself onto land. Without this little guy the whole human race wouldn’t have happened. Let’s hear it for that little guy!
  1. The day the last block was laid on the Great Pyramid of Giza. All 481 feet of it finally completed after 20 years of slave labor, death, and masonry so precise that modern humans would try to credit aliens with its creation.
  1. The birth of Jesus. The day an infant was brought into this world in the most humble of circumstances. An infant that would forever change the course of humanity. (I wouldn’t have minded being a fly on the wall when Mary tried to explain her pregnancy to Joseph either).
  1. The fall of the Roman Empire. An empire that had ruled the known world for three centuries collapsing and taking with it the Ancient Era and hurtling society into the Middle Ages, a time that brings us the Crusades, the Inquisition, and many other forms of religious persecution… Yeah!
  1. The crucifixion. In all its horror helped spur Jesus’ followers to create a religion that would dominate much of the world to the present day, and provide Mel Gibson with a movie plot that would gross millions.

Of course the most awe-inspiring event I’ve ever witnessed occurs in Devoted. An event so precious and special that none of humanity’s accomplishments can hold a torch to it, but if you want to know what that event is you’ll have to read Devoted available now!

Well? Tickled? Here is where you can get your very own copy.

Amazon: US

Now let’s see what we can find out about the author Kathrine Polillo 


Katherine Polillo originally planned to grow-up and become an archeologist. Unfortunately the desert air dried out her skin, the dirt was impossible to get from under her fingernails, and she just couldnít pull off a fedora like Harrison Ford. So instead she pursued a career in education. She currently teaches high school history and special education, while fabricating fictional stories in her free time. She never really outgrew her imaginary friends stage, and instead has created lives and stories for the creations of her imagination to live in. When she is present in reality and not off on an adventure with her imaginary friends, she lives in a small, New Jersey town with her husband, the man to which all fictional leading men are compared, and their two spoiled rotten, ungrateful cats.†

For those who want to follow Katherine and show their appreciation of her work, she is on the interweb. Look for her on the following places:
GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter

And finally, what you’ve been all secretly waiting for … *drumroll* The Giveaway! Yay!

Prize pack (1): key chain, postcard, 2 travel mugs, signed paperback (international)

Runner up prize (2): 2 e-copies of Devoted


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Guest Blogger Day

I think I’ll crawl up into the girders and ruminate.” – Charles Bukowski



by Freddie Owens


“I seem to have contracted a style, yet I’m not quite sure what that style is – except that it won’t let me write certain things on Facebook. I have contracted a name too it seems. And a face. And a body. And forty seven different flavors of who am I. I have a mother. I have a father. A sister. And a brother. Friends. Three dogs. A knife. A spoon. Dental Floss and a pair of fancy tight jeans. Is the world waiting for me to save it? What is this thing called World anyway and who was it told me it was false but that I should work like hell to save it? Purifying forty seven flavors of who am I. I’ve no idea what this means or even if it’s allowed on Facebook. Mother, sister, father, brother, friends, dogs – a small sharp knife with a bent point that refuses to fit in the slot. Did God come to tell me She is real? The world false? Did Buddha? It’s just an ordinary Wednesday night and I seem to have contracted a style – and a name – and a body – but when I look for the one who did, I can’t seem to find him anywhere. Yet here came all these words.


Good night, my friends. Sleep. Sleep like you’ve never slept before.”


Read 10 Fun & Random things about Author Freddie Owens @


Check out his book @

cover Blind man

Book Blast and Giveaway – The Immortal by AR Kahler


About the Author


Alex is many things, but first and foremost, he’s a Sagittarius.

In the past few years he’s taught circus in Amsterdam and Madrid, gotten madly lost in the Scottish wilderness, received his Masters in Creative Writing from Glasgow University, drummed with Norse shamans, and even spent a few months as the assistant to Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

When he’s not writing or climbing in the rafters, he’s probably outside, staring at the clouds. And seeing as he now resides in Seattle, there are clouds aplenty.

He can be followed through his site and Twitter

About the book


THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS, book one in his Cirque des Immortels series, is now available from 47North. ACT TWO is released June 11, 2013.

A peek into The Immortal Circus  

Vivienne is almost content with her new life in the Cirque des Immortels. She has moved up from selling cotton candy to telling fortunes, she has a gorgeous, magical boyfriend, Kingston…and no one has been murdered since the clash between the otherworldly Courts. Her life under the faerie big top would be perfect, in fact, if not for the nightmares and visions that compel her to seek and confront her half-remembered past. But for Viv, not knowing her past may well be a blessing. There’s a reason she ran away. But can she truly escape herself?.

The second act of the fantastically evocative Cirque des Immortels series, The Immortal Circus: Act Two draws readers further into a world that’s at once wonderful, seductive…and deadly.

Step right up…

The book is available from Amazon US

The Giveaway

One winner will get Book One in THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS series
2 Signed Bookplates
1 set of trading cards

Must be 13+ To Enter – Shipping in the US Only



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