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It has been a great experience to organise and host this event and the author


Janna Yeshanova

has given us a great book to read.


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Review Early Out by Jesse Kaellis

cover early out

Reviewed by Lucy Pireel

I received this book as an ARC quite a while ago. To be honest at that time the book wasn’t ready for publication, so I didn’t post a review back then. Now that it is I am ready to share my thoughts on it.

Knowing this is really a memoir it is amazing to find myself reading it like a Quintin Tarantino movie script. However unbelievable it might seem, these are the true life events from a real person, living a very real life in the belly of the beast Vegas can be.

It is raw, captivating and at times very emotive. All in all a pleasant read. Because of its set-up, different short stories for the various events during the authors life, you can read it in bursts. For me that was one of the many good things, because sometimes it was so gripping and got to me, I had to put it down and ‘chew’ on it a while before continuing with following the author on his path.

He has a very strong and distinctive voice, which makes it in your face, but in a good way.

(I did not receive any compensation for this review)

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud by Scott Stevens


Scott Stevens has given us his vision on addiction and sobriety.

I’ve taken this quote from an interview the author had with Indie Author Land

“Indie Author Land: Who needs to read this book?
Stevens: Eight percent of the population is alcoholic — some practicing, some in recovery. Beyond those men and women are, on average, 8-10 people directly impacted by the alcoholic’s drinking and/or relapse. The book is targeted toward those around the alcoholic, to give them answers, as well as the alcoholic who wonders what is behind relapse.”

And this is what the author says about the book:

Nine out of ten people who quit drinking relapse at least once. “Every
Silver Lining Has a Cloud” shows why it’s not just once… without
pithy slogans or trademarked solutions. From the author of “What
the Early Worm Gets,” a startling book defi ning Alcoholism, here’s a
book explaining how and why relapse happens, how to hold it at bay
and why every American should care. Sobriety is a state of illness and
its symptoms, left untreated, lead directly to lapse. Addressing the
Symptoms of Sobriety is essential.
Why would any sober Alcoholic return to the misery?
What are the Symptoms of Sobriety and how do Alcoholics and non-Alcoholics guard against them?
What four overlooked stressors trip up recovery?
Can you hit bottom sober?
The narrative dashes along peaks of anger, joy, desperation, relief and
hope interspersed with solid data on the disease and guidance for
avoiding relapse traps.
It’s not enough to just stop drinking.

If you struggle with an addiction, and it doesn’t have to be alcohol, why not read this book and give his advice a try?

It is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback


Giveaway and Book Blast – Love is Never Past Tense


book by Janna Yeshanova
Graphic designed and made by Kriss Morton

Today I would like to give you a small sample of the book, just to wet your appetite.

A couple’s quick romance and hasty marriage is torn apart by family and fate, leaving them to face the collapse of the Soviet Union separately. Years later,old memories are stirred to give their love a second chance.

Serge and Janna’s chance meeting at a Black Sea beach sparks a passionate romance and a quick marriage. Serge’s parents, suspicious of Janna’s motives and heritage, force him to break up with her. As the Soviet Union collapses, revealing ethnic and social pressures, each faces danger separately. Serge drowns in self doubt, his life spiraling down and in. Janna plots a dangerous exodus to America with her mother and daughter. Years pass, stirring old emotions, and changing circumstances give their love a second chance. Janna Yeshanova tells a life story, providing a very personal view of political and social change.

A remarkable second chance romance told with amazing realism in the style of a classic Russian novel.

Love is Never Past Tense

by Janna Yeshanova

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Autographed copies are available at the Love Is Never Past Tense Website 

Or you can enter the Giveaway and try to win one, there’s also a gift certificate to win. 🙂

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How To Own Your Words

Some thoughts on manners and human behaviour

We go online and meet people. Yes, behind the avatar/headshot a real person lives, with emotions and reactions to whatever we type. Often people forget that and live in their own head, taking only into account their intentions, forgetting how the written word can be attributed with another meaning. And we perceive a monster instead of the real person.

Mad woman A joke can become an insult, a smile cannot be seen and ‘LOL’ is often disregarded, because we all know a typed LOL doesn’t necessarily mean there is actually playful laughter. And thus people give the words the meaning which lies within themselves.
Someone who is prone to expecting an insult will sooner be offended by a joke than the next person who is more inclined to take things on a lighter note. And so an online row is born. One which could have been avoided if the parties would have only taken the time to make a real connection instead of a fleeting ‘passing in the night’ and ask for the other party’s intention.Why not take the simple, but more confronting route and send a message to the offending person and ask for explanation? Why do people take a defensive position, and go into offence creating even more friction.

Sharpening claws Solving a problem, however difficult and even more so online, is always better than fuelling one by adding words to the out of control situation without taking a step back and calming down first.
But even better would be to think before typing and pressing ‘submit’ or ‘send’. Remember the world can’t see your facial expression, your body language and hear the tone of your words. Be extra careful with your words and realise how one simple word can lead to an online feud, because sorry is often a word too difficult to type. Elton John sang it and he seems to be right. Sorry seems to be the hardest word, but it is a most powerful one.

puppy dog eyes Even if you know you haven’t offended someone, because you never meant to and you know your typed words didn’t have that meaning doesn’t mean that other person cannot be offended by them.
So why not just type an apology and explain you didn’t mean to hurt or offend? Why not own your words and their unintended outcome? It will not hurt you, in the end it will earn you the respect of your peers. Showing your embarrassment has a positive function. If you mean it, and yes your words will show their true meaning if you take the time to use the right ones, you will gain the trust and be judged more positive in future than when you do not show the least bit of understanding and embarrassment for the out of hand situation.
Remember being sorry for the outcome of something bad you did, even if you didn’t intend it as a bad thing, doesn’t mean you are a bad person. You did something you shouldn’t have, own it, learn from it and don’t make the same mistake again. In the end you and your social surrounding, be it online or in the ‘real’ world will life a much smoother life.