How To Bake a Pecan Pie

Remember that funny blog I was talking about earlier? Well, she bakes too. And oh boy, does she bake! Okay, it’s not chocolate but it’s mighty fine. 🙂 Take a look at Gina’s recipe for Southern Pecan Pie and then try my take on it.

Southern Pecan Pie


Okay, I guess you’ve studied on the original recipe and maybe you are even baking it now.   But I’ve been tweaking it. You know how I love chocolate, right? So I added cocoa powder to the egg/sugar mix, plus some Bourbon and now it looks like this.


Lucy’s Boozed Up Chocolate Pecan Pie


To change the original recipe into this Yum! Chocolate Boozed Up version add half a cup of cocoa powder and a splash of real good Kentucky Bourbon to the egg mixture.

If you like baking let me know what your favourite recipe is. Throw in a link to your blog and I’ll just might have to rummage through your pages in search of those Nom! things to prepare and taste.


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