How To Be Funny?



I’m an author, but I’m also a blogger and I love to laugh! Have you ever needed a pick me up? Just some fun to put your own ‘miserable’ life back into perpective? I don’t mean a laugh at the expense of another’s misfortune, but a good belly laugh because someone knows how to present certain facts of life in a way that makes you smile, or laugh out loud.

Reading loads of blogs on a great many variety of topics has showed me not many people have it in them to be funny. Some are funny while trying their best to be serious, which kind of defeats the purpose and those are blogs I mostly not go back to, because their content makes me laugh instead of teach me something.

minion What

Then there are those who are just serious and very informative, I love those too. If only because I love fact finding and learning new things. But I digress, I was on about funny stuff, and how we need a laugh in our lives. For my Nana used to say, “A day without laughter is a day not worth living.”

So, I need those funny blogs, but have you any idea how hard it is to find a blog which is funny? Truly funny? And not just jokes funny, but facts of life funny and putting things into perspective funny? And then written by a woman!

Yes, women. Come on girls! I know there are some mighty funny ladies out there, surely they must blog too. Don’t get me wrong, I am one too, but I know I’m not funny, at least I don’t pretend I can make others laugh. I hope they have fun when they read my blog, but I do not set out to be funny, just entertaining enough to want to come back and read more of my scribblings. All I hope for I don’t make you go like this.


But then I found this blog and ever since she is my first stop on a Monday morning when perusing the blogs to read and comment on. GK Adams makes my Monday morning a little brighter with her FunnyLifeStories. she not only makes me laugh but she knows how to spin a yarn too.

What is your pick me upper? Which blogs make you laugh and feel good? Share them and let’s all visit each other’s suggestions.


9 thoughts on “How To Be Funny?

    • She is! That’s why I dedicated a whole post to her basically. There are not enough female bloggers who are funny, or maybe there are and I just haven’t found them yet.

  1. Checked out GK’s blog; pretty funny. Not to sound narcissistic/arrogant (which of course just means I’m going to do it anyways), but as a new blogger, I’m still busy laughing at the complete nonsense that I personally write. I’m looking for new funny blogs, and hence, came across this article of yours. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, but I’m even half as funny as Gina.
      “… Not to sound narcissistic/arrogant (which of course just means I’m going to do it anyways), …”
      Hahahaha, that made me laugh, so you are on fun side of things, which is always good. Cheking out yours … Back again. I have the attention span of a fruitfly when I’m thirsty, so I will need to get back. What I did read, was funny, but long. leave a reply when I’ve quenched my thirst.

      • haha…more than fair…yeah, my posts are certainly long, so not for everyone. But glad you liked what you’ve read so far. Talk soon!

      • I’m defo going to finish it, because even if long I still want to read on. It’s just … was I a fruit fly or a goldfish? Which one has the shortest attention span when dry?

      • Is it? Anyway, I still need a drink. Tongue feels like leather and sandy eyes is mostly a sign to take a break before I collapse and they find me all shrivelled up, hands still on the keyboard. Hahahaha

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