The Bed – Sara Brooke On How Many Words

The Bed by Sara Brooke

The Bed - Cover3

The Bed could have been a completely different story.

It’s true. When I started the novella, I had a different idea of where the tale should go. But I ended up hitting a wall, then hitting the delete key, and starting all over again.

And, I’m not alone…

When an author claims to not know how a story will turn out, don’t be surprised. Many times, we too are on a journey, and we’re not completely sure how it will all end. Despite crafting an outline and a cast of characters, sometimes the plot simply takes its own twists and turns.


The Bed is a story about possession, evil, and the darkness of an infinite nightmare that somehow manages to encompass the innocent. It was a pleasure to write, because once it got moving, the story innately told itself.

Some early readers told me that they were disappointed that the story wasn’t longer. Despite agreeing with them that sometimes full novels do tell a better story, the premise I just mentioned also exists when it comes to the length of a book.

I find it amusing when other authors state that they’re planning on a novel of about 60,000 words. How can you plan a novel’s length? In my opinion, there’s really no way to determine how long or short a work of fiction is going to be. And trying to control it makes the whole process artificial.

You’ve just got to let it flow.

Why should you believe me? Well, my Amazon bestselling book Kransen House was written in that vein. I had no idea exactly where it would lead and how it would end. Instead, the story told itself. And people seem to be enjoying it; particularly in the UK.

If you enjoy mystery, horror, suspense, and not knowing how a story will end—I do hope you’ll take a moment to read The Bed…

…particularly if you find predictability…just plain boring.

Sara Brooke, 2013

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5 thoughts on “The Bed – Sara Brooke On How Many Words

  1. Wonderful interview! The Bed sounds like a fascinating story.

    I agree with Sara that I, too, do not know how many words my manuscript will end up being. Sometimes the editing will subtract large sections, but can sometimes it can add pages. It just has to be a natural flow, as I would not be able to work within a set amount of words.

    However, I always know the ending of my story but never the beginning or what it takes to get to that ending I’d envisioned. The characters and what they say and how they react, are actually writing the story. Sometimes I’m surprised by how their personalities can evolve into someone different than I had expected. That is what makes writing fiction so much fun!

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