Sign Up for the Book Blast – A Menu Of Death

A Menu Of Death

by Lucy Pireel

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Release and blast date September 30th

Do you ever feel watched?

Have you ever thought about a life changing decision?

What if a craving gets the better of you?

Should you want to know it all?

Is a shortcut really what you need?

Find out the answers to these and more questions in this short story collection

To promote the release of A Menu of Death there will be a WWW Blast

Sign up to join now

10 Advanced Reading Copies available for review


14 thoughts on “Sign Up for the Book Blast – A Menu Of Death

  1. Reblogged this on Andy Szpuk and commented:
    This is a great collection of short stories, I should know, I’ve already read a handful of them. The reason why? Because Lucy took up my offer of writing a poem for an introduction to the collection. The stories have a compelling quality and a delightful sense of mischief, so if you’d like to support the launch, sign up for the book blast, and at some point you may get an opportunity to read the poem I contributed, VENGEANCE WHISPERS . . .

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