Cover reveal A Menu of Death

A Menu Of Death

by Lucy Pireel

With poetry by Andy Szpuk


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Release and blast date September 30th

Do you ever feel watched?

Have you ever thought about a life changing decision?

What if a craving gets the better of you?

Should you want to know it all?

Is a shortcut really what you need?

Find out the answers to these and more questions in this short story collection

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18 thoughts on “Cover reveal A Menu of Death

  1. Lucy, I think the cover looks great. The only criticism I have is it doesn’t show that this is a collection. No doubt the product description will show this but I’m wondering if it should say ‘Short stories by Lucy…’ But I am no expert. Still trying to work out what should be done myself.

    • Thanks Rebecca, that poem is actually the blurb too. πŸ™‚ The cover was done by Kriss Morton and Andy Szpuk had given me an original specially created for this book opening poem which is wonderful! He said I was hard to please, but he got me a very suitable poem which I love.

      • I signed up for the book blast and signed up for an interview! Will I get an email for my blog? Looking forward to it!

  2. Hi Lucy! Love the cover! Nice action with the woman looking scared and I also love that the only color on the page is the title and that’s it’s in red!!! It gives a good feel/mood for what’s between the pages.

    However, I would never had known it was a short story collection. I understand the play on the word ‘menu,’ and maybe it’s just me, but the word ‘menu’ only makes sense if you already know the book contains short stories. Before I knew it was a short story collection, the title (to me) implied that a murder takes place during dinner or at a catered affair, or someone’s poisoning food, etc. Just my opinion (which probably doesn’t count for much :)) but I’d probably add something like Tasty Short Stories or Short Stories, or something to indicate what’s inside. ❀

    • Hi Rosary, thanks but the praise should go to Kriss Morton who did the design, the photo is by Lee Nineteen and the model is
      Sihona Saf Robbins.

      Ah, yes, you could think that too, but then you read the description and the preview and it is soon a cleared up misunderstanding, right? Or am I assuming falsely people actually read the book descriptions because I do?

    • Like I am too, Mari, because I know how hard it is to get the blurb right and do justice to the book without giving it all away.
      Thanks for keeping it in mind. πŸ™‚

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