Featured Author – Bathsheba Dailey

yep 017Today I have a new to me author on the blog. Bathsheba Daily.

Welcome Bathsheba, grab a drink and make yourself comfortable.

What can you tell us about you?

I am a 36 year old single mom of three girls after divorcing my husband of 15 years. I write to release my emotions no matter what they are at any given time. I love to cook and bake and will try anything at least once. When I am feeling down it only takes the sound of a spring, ocean, and river to lift me up again. I always wonder if the below creatures can communicate with each other like we can. The sound of water flowing makes me feel like I am in the world alone, even if just for a moment. I have four poetry books although I have retired two of them to be redone under my own publishing company. I also have my autobiography out now called “Five Year Old Death” it walks you through my life as a foster child and what led me to be a foster child.

Do you have a philosophy in life?

I always say “A NEW BEGINNING IS BETTER THAN AN OLD ENDING” I wrote that after my divorce. I went to business school and had to get to know myself all over again. So for me anything new is better than what use to be such a negative life.  

Tell me what do you prefer the country of the city?

I am a country girl all the way but at times I do miss living in the city just because that is where all of my friends live. 

How did Business management made you turn to writing?

I have written since I was a child, for me it used to be only for self-therapy. I still have a lot to learn.

And to end the personal part of this interview, Tell me something about you none has ever read before. 🙂

I have never driven a car unless on a back road because I am scared to. I want to drive but I am so nervous I cannot get the guts to.

Can you tell me how you celebrate finishing a poem you are very satisfied with?

LOL if I really like it or even love it I read it on a blogspot show.

Do your poems have a theme?

Yes, it depends on what I am feeling at the time. I am a bit bipolar so there is no telling what I will be writing about.

Is there a poem you haven’t written yet but is there right at the edge of your brain?

I am a bit manic depressant, I want to write a poem talking about it because most people think that manic’s are crazy and we are not crazy. It is all about controlling yourself and emotions. I have a big following and I am sure they think me perfect and I am far from perfect. 

Ha! Bathsheba, I always say after Milan Kundera, “There is no perfection, only life.” 

What is the title of the book you would like to talk about?

My autobiography “Five Year Old Death” 

What gave you the idea to write this one in this format?

I have always been like two people battling each other. I could never let my past stay in my past where it belonged so I could move on for a brighter future. A friend of mine one night told me I was like a perky britches and evil pop tart and that I needed to let one of them go. He said that I had to die in order to live, meaning letting go of my past. I had wrote a poem called “Five Year Old Death” about a year before about the first time I had been raped so as soon as I realized what he meant I knew right away I was going to name it after that poem. 

Did the characters surprise you while writing? 

I surprised myself! I have always hated my real mother for her part in the abuse I suffered as a child but as I was writing I realized I do not hate her any longer. I feel more pity for her than hate and in a way can understand her more. I believe she was manic or bipolar.

Is there any dish or beverage which was your, or your characters, favourite while writing this book? And if so can you give me the recipe?

I never eat hardly when I write but if I do it is always Cheetos 

That’s an easy recipe. Go to the store and buy a big bag! Or ask a friend to give you some. 🙂









Is there anything else you want to share about the book?

In the beginning of the book I tell everyone that this is not a book of perfection. I did not want it to sound mechanical and even if I did it would not have worked. As we all know poets and poetesses are full of emotion so that is how we write. When you read my book you will see that it is like you are right in front of me as I personally tell you about my life. 

Thanks for being so open about these sensitive topics! Now let me tell the folks where they can find you and your book.

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