How To Avoid the Pitfalls of Addiction

Why is it that us authors are more prone to addiction than others. We all have one or the other ‘tick’, craving or thing we need to be able to write. Even if it’s as innocent and not unhealthy as making list upon list, upon list.

tell me

What is your addiction? Mine is coffee and chocolate and I know it. Okay, I’ll admit it, I do like a glass of wine on occasion, or a nice G&T.

Is it greed and the never ending search after satisfaction? How can it be us authors do not seem to recognise how our human nature is a mindless beast whose only aim is to feed itself regardless of the cost? Incinerating all it encounters, not even reason stands a chance against the blazing fire of the red hot passion that burns in us when we are in the write zone. We must write that one scene and need that coffee/drink/chocolate, all disappears from the brain but this consuming need.

coffee time

It can bring on an unexpected outcome. It can bring bliss beyond our wildest dreams when everything comes together and despite the addiction our work is the best we have ever wrote, or crippling despair when the editor puts us straight and tells us there are plot holes, head hopping, tense shifts, we use our tags wrong, the pacing is off, etc.

Taking comfort in your addiction sounds like a great way to deal, but is it? Wouldn’t it be better if we could find that balance between the addiction and reason?

yeah wine

Lucy laughs as she reaches for her coffee on the table just beyond her grasp. Leaning a little further, steadying herself with one hand while balancing. “If one can manage to reach just a little further one needs not go higher. Higher, further, lower, closer. All words to express how one wants what one does not have. Covet, want, desire and we’re full circle back to lust. Isn’t human nature prone to it? To lust after what one does not have, or lust after more of that one thing which makes us feel good? Doesn’t that make for the overreaching, the flight into highs one cannot sustain? To go where no one has gone before. To be the only one, the first one, the special one …”

Earth to the highflyer! Wake-up call! recoverymonthad1

AmyO Ask Amy Oathout how kicking the habit is way better than living the dream, or rather nightmare when one looks at it with a sober eye.

Do you have an addiction, or habit? And how do you deal with it?


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