Five Year Old Death by Bathsheba Dailey


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I haven’t read the book, so I honestly can’t tell you anything about the book. Instead I’ll let the author explain.

Hi Bathsheba, please sit down and tell us about Five Year Old Death.

Five year old death is based on my true life experiences; we all have heard about or lived through hardships and abuse but only a few will write about them. When we talk or write about the abuse we suffer, or have suffered, it becomes real and you are faced with the fact that it is real. For some it is easier to forget and ignore instead of dealing with it and leaving it in the past where it belongs so you can then move forward in your life.

This book is about physical, mental abuse I have suffered through for most of my life and sexual abuse that I had to deal with as a child. It also is about many mistakes that I have made throughout my life. In order for me to face my life and create a better life for myself and my children I must face my whole life for all of my wrongs and rights. A new beginning is better than an old ending!

Thanks for explaining the book to us Bathsheba. Now where can folks follow you online?

I am on facebooktwitter, Goodreadslinkedin, my blog, and on my site.


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