How to Deal With Changes in Life

With each year passing we grow older and must adapt to new circumstances, become wiser, grow. I just heard a man say, “Birthday? Special? What have I done? I was born, that’s all.” There is one day a year we get more attention than we really want and people wishing you things you don’t really need.

more attention

I don’t really feel like this

Minions excited

on that one day, which is just another day. If anything I start thinking about things which really matter and what passes my mind for example is what Heraclitus once said, “Everything flows and nothing stays the same.”

falling drop

Then I listen to the flow of life surrounding me. Watching how humans change to fluidly suit their life to fit their need. It is no more than human nature. Or just nature, because what doesn’t bow will break. Like a tree has to sway with the wind to stay alive, a human must adapt to the new demands and go with the flow. The rigid ones, the ones unable to change will break, their mind or even their body, for body and mind are one.

And even on this day, the one on which I came to life, I will say,

not about you

Or me in this case. So have a nice day and don’t mind your wishes, or ‘needs’ but instead give to others what you would want given to you.


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