How To Stay True to You

being who you are

“Heaven, isn’t that what humans should find inside themselves?” Lucy smiles reading about those who insist on a guy in the sky, no matter his name. “Heaven is who one is, not where one happens to be. It all comes down to the ability to recognise the inner most self and accepting one for who one is and heaven is found. No need to being forced.” She laughs and sips her hot coffee. “Now that is heaven and it slides right inside to its proper place.”

whipping coffee

Once again lucy enjoys a day in the cold garden. Yes, in the garden instead of staring at it from behind the glass, for isn’t nature to be lived in? Heaven to be lived in on Earth.
A thought crossed her mind while preparing the cuttings to be stuck in the pots. β€œWhen men speak ill of thee, live so that nobody will believe them.” It is what Plato said Lucy whispers. “It still holds value,” she says then, while thinking of how eager humans are with putting a value on all things living and dead.Β  “Do not let humans hold anyone back from the life that one chooses to live, or is forced into by circumstances beyond their control. Writing, reading, or listening.” She sips her coffee, enjoying the heavenly taste of dark brown liquid, flowing over her tongue like silk on a baby’s bottom. “Yes, where was I?” She shakes her head and remembers to finish this thought before it flees and leaves her head filled with harrowing images of men and mice, of pitchforks and monsters, of … “No, best not go there.” Instead she decides to live in her personal Heaven indeed and prove the humans wrong. “You can have your cake and eat it too.”

have your cake

“Humans and their lives are what they make of it, for the eye in the sky is there and watches with its drones flying over and keeping track of all, whether humans realise this or not. They have long since forgotten what it means to make their own decisions about their own lives, rather they let their lives be led by society and not stand out by their believes or openly disbelieve what the general population has chosen to follow, come good or bad. And the guy in the sky? There is none other than the one inside ones inner most innerness.” Lucy smiles again, drinks the last of her coffee and sets out to cut bubblewrap. “The guy may, or may not, be looking, but the weather has nature in its grasp and spurs us into action.”

eye in the sky

“When deciding where to take your life, remember all good things come in threes.” That is something Lucy once heard and she believes it to be true. Mischievously grinning she accepts her third glass of wine. Then she reads again. “Ah, yes complaints, humans do seem to love their complaints and how they enable them to divert attention from themselves to others, and to complain enables those who fear action, for when one complains one cannot be at blame. Flawed reasoning, but then again humans do love their reasons, flawed or not.” Sat on the sofa, warmed by the first fire of the year and her company, Lucy contemplates all the reasons humans come up with to justify their complaints. “They seem to forget that they too are a part of the big machinery when they complain about whatever makes the headlines, whether it be economics or human behaviour. It takes only the right movement for change to come, but then again humans do love their complaints …” At that Lucy decides here and now not to let herself be led by expectations of society, but always take guidance from her inner most wants and wishes and holding them in high value.

cheers Lucille

How do you stay on your own path?

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