Guest Blogger Day – Ray Brown on Yoga in France

Hello Francophiles (and all who love the good life),

I’m Ray Brown and I’d like to extend the warmest of welcomes to all and invite each of you into the world of Le Manoir de Gurson, in the Dordogne region of France. Le Manoir


For Le Manoir, each word of description has its balance, a sort of Ying and Yang. It can be hard work but rewarding, remote and yet idyllic or a cacophony of nature and still so tranquil. I absolutely love it!

Our 4 star accommodation is open all year round for self catering holidays and sleeps up to ten people and we also run a number of activity holidays Activities where you can learn to write, paint, Nordic walk or even benefit from life coaching. We also have a Yoga holiday with the fantastic Lucy Pireel (Alves)

Book your Yoga Holiday today.

Ok, so I am of the brigade that thought Yoga was the poor, lesser known cousin of a famous bear from Jellystone Park and yes, I have looked at a number of the positions and thought of the mischief I would do myself trying those!


Believe it or not I am really looking forward to the Yoga week and have every sincere intention of learning from Lucy. I am assured it is for the novice up and that you are never too old to try it. Just think, Lucy, learning, laughter, and leisure. That’s one L of a holiday.


The more I have looked into Yoga, the more I realise it is so in tune with Le Manoir. Yoga is about finding the balance of mind and body and being at peace with oneself. At Le Manoir you have the tools to achieve this state. It is so relaxing here and so incredibly peaceful. The Le Manoir is the first place I have lived in my long life where I can truly appreciate and experience being at peace. It soothes my mind, body and soul and takes what was once mere existence and transforms it into living.

I would love you to join us at Le Manoir and appreciate, as I do, the most beautiful of places and to feel yourself relax effortlessly. Living is easy despite our best efforts to complicate it.

Thank you,

Ray Brown.

pool Our Pool reflecting the Milky Way

Manoir de Gurson


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