Book Tour and Giveaway Major League Encounters by Larry LaRue


I’m proud to be part of this tour and giveaway for Major League Encounters. Let me start by introducing the author to you.


Newspapers were part of his life long before Larry LaRue started working for them at age 18. His grandmother was a typesetter for a weekly in San Dimas, California, and he sat in her lap while she’d run an old lead-type machine. He was first published at 10, when a San Clemente newspaper ran his story on Pookie, his dog.

He’s been writing ever since. Five newspapers, a business journal and an entertainment magazine wrapped around brief careers as a window washer, bouncer, and private investigator. Always, he wrote.

There was a book on an American Capuchin priest who performed exorcisms in New York and Iowa, another on political cartoonists, a novel based on a news story he followed, and a book of major league baseball anecdotes. All wound up in a drawer or a closet.

Since 1976, there’s been another constant in his life – George Cunningham. As co-workers, backpackers, entrepreneurs, political opposites, writers, photographers and friends they have pursued projects and dreams together.

Reader Publishing Group may be the best yet for George and Carmela Cunningham, and LaRue was one of the first to leap on their backs.

Currently a writer with the Tacoma News Tribune covering the Seattle Mariners, LaRue’s sports writing can be found at and you can follow him and see his photography on Facebook at, Twitter at (@LarryLaRue and the News Tribune Mariners’ blog at

His most recent ambition hasn’t changed in 35 years – LaRue is writing projects he hopes Cunningham can use to get him out of the newspaper business.

If you want to follow his career, you can find Larry at this website.

Now what you really are here for is the book of course! 

Major League Encounter Cover 4-15-12 final.indd

It’s an exclusive club. Thirty teams, 25 players each, 750 players in all. For every new player that wins a place on the roster, another player is removed. A few talented players have careers that cover more than two decades. Most last less than three years. But for those who can retain a place on the roster, the money is good – minimum wage is almost $450,000 a year. And if they’re really superstars, they can end up with an annual eight-figure salary. But there is more to it than money.

The men of baseball love the game and they love the clubhouse. The game sometimes costs them their wives and time with their kids. The clubhouse is where they bond as a team and as a family. As with all families, it is a place of laughter and anger, tragedy and loss, happiness and dysfunction. And what unites that family is love. The love of a game called baseball.

This collection of encounters with some of these men by sportswriter Larry LaRue takes the readers inside the clubhouse and behind the scenes to share with the reader what these men have accomplished and the price they have paid.

Now, that made me very curious to those encounters, and I guess any Major League fan will be too!
To top it all, I have asked Larry to give me a This or That list. If you are as curious to what that is as I was when I got this chance, read on and find out for yourself.

 “This or That” with Larry LaRue

Paris or Venice
Paris, by reputation, because so many great writers once congregated there and found inspiration from themselves and the city.

Deodorant or Perfume
If I’m catching a scent, perfume. If I’m relying on not giving off a scent, deodorant.

Winter or Summer
Summer, always.

Vampire Diaries or Twilight

Angels or Demons
Fall or Spring
Spring, but I’d take either over winter.

Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings, which I first read in college under the influence of happily shared grass.

Ice Cream or Sorbet
Ice cream.

Coke or Pepsi
Pepsi! Sadly, now Diet Pepsi.

Cabin in the woods or Condo on the Beach
Cabin in the woods.

Kisses or Hugs
Hugs. Better chance of getting them!

Cash or Card

Print or Ebook

Voice or Text

Batman or Superman
Superman as a kid, Batman after.

Wheat or White
Wheat with nuts and seeds.

Romance or Passion
Romance. It can lead to passion, but passion doesn’t always get you to romance.

Night or Day
Day. I’m more productive.

Thanks Larry, I think that gives a nice, litle insight into the psyche of the man behind the author. 🙂

Right, before I forget (yeas, as if I would forget such a thing! 🙂 ) there is that giveaway! there’s prizes to win and things to do. Click the link to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway

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