Guest Blogger Day – Alan Parks on Life Changing Action

Get off your backside and do it!

“Oh you are so brave. I could never do it.” We hear it all the time.

Five years ago we gave up comfortable life in Brighton, in the UK, and bought an old Olive Mill, in Andalucia, Southern Spain. The Olive Mill has no mains electricity, and no mains water. All our power comes from solar panels on the roof. There is no fixed telephone line, no central heating in winter and no air conditioning in the summer when temperature can hit 50 degrees!

Does this sound like it appeals to you? What about if I tell you we have no electric or water bills and the equivalent of council tax is about £180 a year. How about now? Our one luxury is internet access, which we pay for through a satellite company, but even that is dependent on sunny skies, otherwise we have no power. In the winter it has been known for us to go to bed when it gets dark, fully clothed, as we have no power.

The other thing we get asked frequently is “Would you ever go back?” For now the answer is no. Lorna, my partner has two grandchildren and a third on the way, and that can make it difficult, but our life is so different here, we can’t see ourselves living life at that hectic pace ever again. We go out on a summer evening and sit in the park until the early hours of the morning surrounded by families, and have a lovely time. We came here to breed alpacas, and that is something we could never have done in the UK, and I have even written a book. Yes, a book, that people buy, read and enjoy. That would never have happened without this adventure. So my advice to anyone thinking about a big, brave adventure is to get off your backside and do it, you will regret if you don’t. What’s the worst that could happen?

Thank you Alan for sharing this with us.

Readers, do you have a dream you haven’t turned into reality yet? And why not? Take a long hard look at your life and tell us what keeps you anchored in it.

Because …



7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Day – Alan Parks on Life Changing Action

  1. Moving. I like it. It’s good to experience life in a different place. For me it was with no family. I made friends…gives a new perspective on life.

  2. Alan, I commend you for turning your dream into a reality of living a serene and much less hectic lifestyle. Very admirable. And best of luck with your book!

    Lucy to answer your question, I have turned many dreams into realities throughout my life. However, there is my ULTIMATE dream—to be a blockbuster author. This is where dreams become tricky because in order to achieve that status depends on many, many things, but mostly I’d first have to craft a story worthy of becoming a blockbuster hit! This is a dream that probably will never be realized, but I’m happy that I have written a novel and am tremendously appreciative of people who have bought/read it. My family and my writing is what keeps me anchored, and I will never give up on reaching for my pie in the sky dream.

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