Authors! How To Work With Book Bloggers

Barb Drozdowich is a reader and book blogger who put down in words what many book bloggers wish authors would know and take to heart when they are looking for promotion or reviews on their books.

Let me present to you *Dromroll*cover authors guide book bloggers


Do you feel out of your comfort zone when dealing with book bloggers? They are the New Gatekeepers to book publishing success – but how can you tap into that source of free promotions by putting your best foot forward

The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers combines the advice of 215 blogging professionals collected in a survey covering all aspects of communication between authors and Review Blogs. Whether you are a new author, or have many titles under your belt, let us demystify the promotion of your book on a book blog.

You’ll learn about whom and where book bloggers are, and the following:

The Query,

The Review,

The Giveaway,

The Author Interview,

The Guest Post,

The Book Blurb Excerpt and Cover Reveals and more!

Where can we find this Book Blogger and learn more from her, or even ask her to review our books?

Bakerview Consulting (Business Site)

Barb Drozdowich (Author Site)

Sugarbeat’s Books (Book Blog)

Facebook (Author blog)




Of course being an author I had to read this book and let you know what I thought after reading. You’ll find my review here. (just click the link and follow the yellow brick road, erm, I mean breadcrumbs)

How do you go about asking a book blogger for a spot on their blog, or ask them for a review? Do you always read the blogger’s guidelines?


12 thoughts on “Authors! How To Work With Book Bloggers

    • Hi Michelle,
      Help me educate as many authors as I can! We need authors to keep producing books so that we have something new to read 🙂 At least I do! I think you’ll find that you agree with many of the comments from the bloggers that I surveyed. I know that many of the comments that I received were spot on!


    • Hi Jo!
      I think that we all start out new projects not knowing what we are doing. Most of us learn by doing. You practice and practice your writing until you have a product that you are happy with. Authors often find the next step harder than the actually writing of the book. Since I and other book bloggers are voracious readers, we need you and your fellow authors to keep writing – our worlds would be pretty empty without you and stories that are created! What I want to do is to help as many authors as I can make their way in the world of book promotions via book bloggers. Give you enough information to enter at a run, rather than stumbling your way though!

      Keep writing!

  1. Hi Lucy!
    Thanks so much for featuring my book! I’m just trying to help as many authors as I can get the attention they need for their books! I’ll be dropping by throughout the day. Feel free to ask questions and I’m happy to answer!

    • You’re welcome Barb, I’m actually glad I got to read and cherish your book to pass the knowledge along to authors who have no idea that us book bloggers are actually people too. 🙂

      • Words that are very true! Book Bloggers are the biggest fans out there. Most of us are voracious readers and will shout to the mountain tops about a book we love. Treat us kindly, and we’ll work our tushies off for our favorite authors! I wish there were more days in the year and more hours in each day so that I could promote more authors!

    • You’re welcome William, you have a blog, so I guess you to have to deal with authors who just don’t read the blog of the blogger they wish to promote their book. Right?

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