How To Survive the Sex Industry – Lucky Girl by Violet Ivy

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I’m hosting a Lucky Girl today, and am curious as to how she got to be that Lucky, aren’t you? Let’s see what the book is about, shall we?

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Is the intimate autobiography of an international call girl. Scary, funny and bizarre stories recorded for your amusement, edification or simply for interesting dinner conversation.

The sex industry is clouded in mystery. It has to be to some extent or it wouldn’t survive. But in this age of internet porn, buying pubic hair trimmings online and wife swapping parties it’s about time the veils of mystery were taken down.

For moralists, let’s visit the chicken and the egg scenario. Which came first the prostitute or the client? If there were no clients then obviously there would be no sex workers. But what if there weren’t any prostitutes? Would guys wank themselves silly to porn? Harass their post-menopausal wives? Frequent bars trying their luck? Or hassle the secretary and risk being charged with sexual harassment? Would statistics for rape be on the increase? Is prostitution a necessary evil in our society? Don’t mindlessly believe and quote information spoon fed to you by friends, family or the media. Make an educated decision.

Although it was never my intention to get into this industry, I’ve travelled the world, had incredible experiences and bought several properties. I won’t have to rely on the government pension when I retire.

My closest friends are co-workers, madams and clients. Brilliant people who I would never otherwise have had the good fortune to meet. I will never regret my decision to enter this field. It has not always been a bed of roses, but when I compare it to what my life might have been; cleaning job, shitty boss, marriage, perhaps divorce, mortgage, kids, living in the burbs, scraping by to give my kids a better life than I was destined for, I feel that I have been rescued…. 

Lucky Girl pic About the author

Violet Ivy grew up on a small wheat and sheep farm in the outback of Western Australia. A spray of freckles across her nose, pigtails streaming down her back as she swam naked in the local creek to cool off during the endless summers.

Who could have predicted her transformation into one of the world’s most elite, international escorts? The wanton woman satisfying the needs and desires of the most affluent men and women of the globe.

Well, that made me curious to the actual woman behind the story. So I’ve  arranged for an interview.

Hi Violet, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to give us a little insight in the real you.

Let’s start with, what do you do for fun?

My puppy and I are café goers. Living in central Melbourne we are spoiled for choice. I travel a lot with work so I try to spend quality time with her playing at the beach and cuddling on the couch when I can.

I think it’s important for ladies in my profession to really look after and pamper themselves. We give a lot emotionally, mentally and physically at work. Massages, mannies and peddies, facials and of course retail therapy all serve to restore our vitality levels.

My life is blessed with quality friends. Dinner parties, gallery openings, exhibitions…we are always attending some fabulous event or other with a glass of bubbles in our hand. Life is a celebration, that’s how Bubbles, my puppy, got her name.

What is sexy to you?

My Facebook stream is full of pics of hot guys thanks to my large contingent of gay friends. But sexy is much more than just skin deep. I’ve had my fair share of sex with both great looking guys and some who have unfortunately been hit with the ugly stick, so I’ve had a good opportunity to consider this question.

I heard a joke the other day…men fall in love with their eyes. Women fall in love with their ears. That’s why women wear makeup and men tell lies. Sad but true in a lot of cases. The trick is to find a man you can relax with and trust. The sex can be worked out if you’re both open minded and not too far apart in your tastes. A man who’s got your back and isn’t always looking for the newest, best thing around the corner is sexy. One who loves you even though they’ve nursed you through the flu or a hangover. One who does little spontaneous things for you to keep it fresh and exciting. Intelligence, hard working in his field, whatever that may be, and someone who can handle my life choices…oooh now that’s a tough one to find. In my past I’ve met men who are fine with my working at the beginning but as they develop feelings for me they want me to quit and be the good, suburban housewife living on $600 a week. Sorry…never going to happen.

Why did you write this book?

Several of my closest friends know what I do for a living. Whenever we go out for drinks or dinner they urge me to tell them naughty tit-bits from my experiences. They suggested I share these with a larger audience. Hence Violet Ivy the author was born. Sometimes they ask me if I have spent time with anyone famous. Of course I have; house hold names from the sporting, entertainment or financial world. However I work under the same rules as doctor-patient privilege. Discretion is a huge part of my job.

Who would play the characters if this was a movie?

Who doesn’t love Keira Knightly after the Pirates movies? Angelina Jolie of course or maybe Cameron Diaz.

For Bobsicle it would have to be Pierce Brosnan or Johnny Depp. Both suave, sophisticated and totally hot.

Dominique the London Madam at the fetish establishment could perhaps be played by Sigourney Weaver or Jodie Foster because they’re beautiful but also have strong, commanding personalities.

My friend Celeste would maybe suit Kristen Stewart. Often we’re really not on the same page about men.

How long did it take to write?

I started to write the book part time as a fun project. It took the form of a diary much like that of the London Callgirl books. That took a couple of years. I thought it was a finished product until my editor Graham Whittaker took one look at it and called it a ‘collection of snippets’. We then spent another year teasing out all the juicy details of each story. The emotions behind my decisions, the atmosphere during bookings, a more in depth look at my life both within the industry and interactions with friends and family. Working girls are not two dimensional. We also live next door to ‘normal’ people. Our kids go to regular schools. We shop at supermarkets and no one would even know what we do for a living. We don’t have a neon sign that follows us around announcing we’re hookers. I see girls out on a Saturday night with heavy makeup and skirts so short they might as well be belts. They look way more like hookers than I ever do when I head out.

What is your next project?

My second book ‘Sex and Sexuality’ has hit the book sales websites. I chat to 21 unique individuals who I’ve met due to my lifestyle. For example a transgender bondage and discipline Mistress, a real-life slave, a gay guy, a bisexual girl who works on sex phone lines, a nudist, a street-walker and her client, a couple of my clients, another high class escort, a paraplegic who talks about before and after his motor bike accident, a brothel madam, a guy who works in an adult store and so forth. Each one candidly reveals their views on sex and sexuality. It was a real eye opener for me. I think they were very honest as they knew what I did for a living and that I wouldn’t judge them for their life choices.

I have another completed book ‘Cougar’which is due for release January 2014. It’s an interview book of both the mature ladies and the young guys they date. None of the answers to my questions have been modified to make them more acceptable to the everyday reader. Some responses are what you’d expect, others are totally left of field. It was really interesting for me to get an insight into why it’s becoming more and more common for people to seek out lovers away from their own age bracket. Readers will not be able to put it down.

What do you measure success to be?

A woman can never be too thin, too young or too beautiful. Men desire to be rich and powerful. It’s in our DNA. That being said, the basic human drive is to be happy, however this takes dramatically different forms depending on personality and background experiences.

Every working girl, without fail, does this job for the money. Other factors such as flexible working hours, travel, gifts, perceived glamour etc are also involved. Please note that it is NEVER because a girl is a nymphomaniac. Yes some of us enjoy great sex at work with certain clients but no working girl would do it for free. That’s just a myth. So to be a successful working girl and make wads of cash is certainly the goal but not a measure of overall success to me. It’s not only about how much you make but how much you keep.

If a girl can be wise with her money, set herself up to be independently comfortable financially, get an education so she isn’t trapped into the lifestyle, provide for her children and keep her sanity I think she’s made a success out of her time in the industry. Unfortunately you don’t need more than a pretty face and a vagina to be a working girl and there is no financial education given to the girls. Statistics suggest that only about five percent of girls are better off financially after having been in the industry for two or more years. Many are addicted to shopping, expensive leases on cars and apartments, support a loser man, dabble in illicit drugs or waste they money in some other way because they believe the money will always be there the next shift. One day they wake up and they’re forty with nothing to show for their years in the industry and the money is harder and harder to make. Youth is so highly prized in this industry. They wonder why guys don’t want them like they used to. It can be very sad to watch.

Who inspires you?

Men and women who have come from difficult circumstances or had unforeseen life challenges and done something about it. There’s no point sitting around on unemployment benefits blaming the government, your parents or anyone else for the situation you’re in. Asses, learn, look for options and work your way out of it for your own sake and for your family’s. The universe doesn’t owe you an easy way out. There’s no knight in shining armour on the way. Grow a set and get on with it. We all choose to either be winners or losers. The winners inspire me.

Who is your favourite author?

Armistead Maupin who wrote the Tales of the City series uses wonderfully simple language, but it flows and paints the most beautiful scenes.

And my editor would shoot me if I didn’t mention him of course and his latest work The Girl from Kosovo.

Who are you as a person? Tell us more about you?

Ohhh, that’s tricky. I have many names and natures to reflect who I am in and out of s#x work. A chameleon who adjusts for her environment. I work in the corporate field and no one in that area of my life would ever pick me as a working girl. But when I’m entertaining as Violet Ivy the client would have no idea that I’ll be in my power suit on Collins St at 8am the next morning brokering deals and kicking corporate butt. It’s amusing for me to mix the two.

A lot of ladies in the industry also have a ‘real’ job as a nurse, accountant, teacher and so forth. It’s a good way to keep the balance and a realistic perception about the big bucks we earn in our lingerie. And when it’s time to quit being a working girl, these ladies have built careers so it’s not such a wrench money-wise to let go of their ‘night jobs’.

I grew up poor on a wheat and sheep farm in the south west of Australia. Every step of my life getting out of that situation was a challenge. Sometimes I made the right decisions, other times I fell flat on my face. But I kept struggling and eventually came out on top, (shall we say). Now I’m independent, financially comfortable, healthy and happy both physically and emotionally. I have a lovely partner who knows all about my ‘other side’ and supports me unconditionally. I’ve just been offered my own radio show and I travel the world on my client’s dime, wining, dining and entertaining the richest men and women on the globe. Not bad for a girl who was destined to work at Kmart and struggle all her life.

Not bad at all, Violet! Kudos for doing what you do and take the best from a world that could just as easily have destroyed you.

I wonder how many readers have a profession that isn’t looked upon with universal approval and dare to talk about it, or would dare to come forward if they had?


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