Guest Blogger – Bird Cole on ‘The Bright Side’ and Bullies

Sometimes you encounter people online that in real life you would not have met for the simple reason you live in a different hemisphere, or you travel in different circles. The beauty of internet and the Book of Faces is that you find friends that have a beauty inside of them you just want the world to know about. Bird Cole is one of those people whom I’m proud to count among my friends. I asked him to write a guest post because I felt he has things to say that are just too sensible not to be heard.

Bird, ‘the stage’ is yours.

First thing I want to do is thank Lucy for even considering me, let alone inviting me, to share my thoughts, opinions,  messages, and loves. She doesn’t know this, but I felt a lot of pressure to come up with “something good”. Not because of anything she said…’s just….nobody has ever requested that I write something for them (unless my Aunt counts). So, I’ve had to rattle my brain to even come up with ideas. After that failed I decided to start writing this and, maybe, share a few thoughts along the way. After all……quite a bit goes on inside the mind of a guy named Bird!

By now you may have heard, my name is Bird. I’m just a guy with a cool name that likes to make shit rhyme…….sometimes. If there was anything special about me I would have to say that it’s my ability to find the “bright side” to any situation. That ability has given me a life full of true happiness and a smile that drives the ladies wild. People ask me all the time, “Bird, why are you so happy?” “Bird, you can’t be that positive all of the time. Is this some kind of a front?” So, let me tell you all, just a few things about me to clear stuff up. I come from a long line of drug dealers & abusers. Alcoholics, woman beaters, murderers, and child molesters! In the 33 years that I have been alive, and the HUGE family I come from, I can’t name one person that society would accept…..nope, not one. That is because, the few that didn’t follow the path set before us, distanced themselves far from us. I lost count as to how many times the police have kicked in my Mom’s door over the years. Just thinking about how my baby Brother had a gun to his head (before he was even potty trained) quickly brings me to tears! Men beating my Mother in the street and her chasing men out the house with bats and chainsaws were the norm to me. I was an honor roll student but dropped out of school and told everyone I did it so I could sell weed. Everyone thought I quit school “to be cool”, but really, I was arrested for the brutal double murder of two old people and was afraid to be seen! I have done a lot of bad stuff in my life and hurt a lot of good people. But, anyone that knows me knows I can’t kill an animal, let alone, people. I tried to have the “perfect” family once and fucked that up. There came a time when I had nowhere to go and was sitting on a curb, next to a dumpster, at midnight, in the rain, and about to give up…..when an angel came and rescued me. Picked me up and took me away from all the darkness and pain. Showed me a world I did not know and made me smile again. It was Ashley’s love that saved me but it was the life I lived that made me! So, no…I don’t have any reason to put on a front. I have seen the worst life has to offer and decided to rise up. But instead of running away from those I left behind, I want to show them they too can get out, and that is why I am happy all of the time! Society has built a wall to separate the good from the bad. Well, I am here to knock that bitch down and tell them, “no need to be sad,” then let this light of happiness shine in on the ones left in the darkness!

Well, now that I have introduced myself, let’s get to why I am here. At first, I was not really sure what to write about. I then realized school is just starting again, here in the U.S., and a big topic these days is bullies. Everybody seems to agree that “bullies” are bad and for good reasons.  It’s easy to relate to the victims and their pain easily touches the heart.  My beautiful Wife, Ashley, wrote something from the perspective of a victim that I would love to share:


~ She sits alone watching the others play.

She thinks to herself, “I will have friends too, one day.”

Why do they not like me?

What is it that they see?

Is it because my hair is not the same as theirs?

Are my clothes not as expensive as theirs?

My weight is way more than theirs?

If only they would take the time to get to know me.

Then, they would see, it’s not the outside…personality is the key.

Why, oh why, do they judge me when they don’t even know me?

One day, yes, one day…..they will see.

The day their hair is as thin as can be.

Their clothes old and worn with holes,

they’re so fat they would sell their souls,

and they’re all alone….no one but them.

On that day, I will be there for them.

To hold their hand and to comfort them,

Because……you see……one day they will know what it feels like to be me! ~


Beautiful, if you ask me. And, very powerful in a narrow minded way.  See, I like to rock the boat once in a while……just to see who belongs in it. We, as a society, have forgotten that these “bullies” are just children. We point our fingers, cast the blame, and talk bad about them. Adults treating children like this and we wonder why they do the same. Parents are quick to say, “Stay away……that kid is a bully!” But, if they took the time to see what weighs on the kid’s mind, they might hear something like this:

~ She is very pretty as she walks down the hall.

He is so cool because he plays football.

The smart kids are playing chess & doing math.

The teachers have their pets & slackers are skipping class!

I am the bully that trips the little kid & tells the lies.

 I will do all kinds of thing to impress you guys.

I don’t care about feelings, everybody laughs when I make you cry.

Teachers can’t talk to me, I YELL IN THE FACE OF AUTHORITY, & will hit you if I need to.

But, have you ever tried……to say, “Hi?”

What you don’t know is

I have no real friends. Just a bunch of kids

that do not know any better because they don’t know (at home) I get tripped & hit.

My dad yells all the time!

My mom hides when she cries and they fight because they, “don’t make a dime!”

 It’s O’K because I get to act out.

They label me a bully and I get kicked out!

But, all I ever wanted was a hug & some love…..

Maybe I’m not a “bully” at all…….

Maybe I’m a victim with HIS back slammed to the wall! ~


As a proud parent, of 5 wonderful children, I think it’s time we point the finger back at us and take the blame that is rightfully ours.  As a parent, I think we should teach all children the power of love. As a parent, I think it’s important for all children to know the power of a smile. Before I go, I would like to share one more thing with you all. It’s a short story I wrote for my family to help them learn to simply smile, and say, “How are you doing?”

~ A sad man, standing on the side of the street.

Tired and hungry ’cause he hasn’t had anything to eat!

He has been broke since they fired him, and alone since she left. WET ‘CAUSE OF THIS DAMN RAIN

AND NO HOUSE ‘CAUSE THE RENT……..can’t get paid!

Been beggin’ for this change for 400 days.

Finally got enough saved.

Going to buy a gun to put an END TO THESE DAYS AND AN END TO THIS PAIN


Before he could cross that street, walk that mile, and finally rest awhile.

There was a man that had stood next to him. He looked at the sky and back to him with a smile

and said, “I think it’s going to be a beautiful day, don’t you?”

TEN YEARS GO BY AND IT SEEMS………..he was right?

Now, he is a happy man, sitting in his Lazyboy chair watching the kids play with his wife.

Just goes to show………your smile could save a life! ~


I hope you have enjoyed reading Birdz Words. I also hope I have opened your minds just a little. If not, fuck it…..what do I know? I’m just a guy named Bird!



16 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Bird Cole on ‘The Bright Side’ and Bullies

      • I read it on Lucy’s blog, but her post was on Triberr, a blog-sharing site we both belong to. It’s basically a community of bloggers, and you can seek out groups (Tribes) who have common interests with you. Once you join a tribe, you support one another by sharing their blog posts with your followers.

  1. I grew up with bird and I still havent found no one as unique as him he is a wonderful person I am proud to call my friend

    • I only know Bird from the Book of Faces (aka Facebook) but you are right, none is as unique as Bird, and as far as I know he is a genuinely what you see is what you get good person. I’m glad he is the way he is and I can count him among my friends too.

  2. After reading the wrds that Bird wrote ,it makes me smile. This guy is great. You see he married my daughter and I habe seen such a good change in him. Ashley is my only daughter and yes I am cautious. Of who is has ever been with.
    I love her more than anyone ,I lobe my kids ans grandkids. More than life its self. To see her happy with her life and to see how much Bird loves my
    daughter and the children ,that means alot to me.Thank you Bird for the love you give my daughter ans the kids. Im glad andproud to have you as my son in-law. Mama Janie.

    • I’m glad and not surprised to read this about Bird. Like I said before, I don’t really know him up close and personal, but sometimes you just know it when someone is true. Bird is one of those people. There are not many of them so I’m happy to know he’s treasured like that.

      • good read bird, it’s true, lot’s of people only know the life they was brought up in. Seems the strong minded seems to ask for help or just leave , cause they know it’s not what life is about. a good start is looking up or down and asking a higher power for help and the rest follows.

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