How To Write Live Like A Goblin …

“…this day returns not…” uttered the goblin seeing his happiness slipping away the moment he saw himself in terms of other people. True he was no longer young and the man in the mirror was hardly pleasing, true he didn’t have the house, swimming pool, etc., true that there were those far more educated and with more friends too. “…true all true…” the goblin sighed. Ah, but wasn’t growing old, in this way at least, the same boat for all of us then, it was as if somehow ‘life’ was telling the goblin to fight his own battles with his own values, the goblin then laughed, comforted by that one fantastic thought then, “…you see, at this very moment I have this slot here, where I can post absolutely anything I like, so perhaps, with a little bit of luck and reflection, I can find that one really great something worth posting now in vindication of it all…” the goblin continued “…anyway I just bet you I can drag the giant washbasin across this shower room and fling it with all my strength against the barred window, like in that film…” somehow knowing life would either stop him beforehand, or catch up with him later as it always had, “…ah, but at least I tried…” the goblin repeated to himself aloud “…at least I tried, and I am still trying too…” and one day folks, at the end of his life perhaps, the goblin would escape through those bars just like in that film too. God, he loved that film then …

I have found this eloquent writer on a writers forum. Have no idea who he is, but his posts on there made me think, made me write my musings and in return I will give him a ‘home’ away from the fora and into my world.

Look for his words once a week from now on, but if what he says strikes a chord in you too, let me, let us know in the comment section below. I encourage you, like him, to post, to write, whatever you like, whatever words spring to mind. Muse, write, post, and share it with us.



9 thoughts on “How To Write Live Like A Goblin …

  1. By this time of day my brain starts shutting down. Writing eye-catching paragraphs usually do not happen. The goblin, however, has become trapped the same as human kind often becomes trapped. The bars aren’t necessarily real. It’s the bars we erect to safeguard ourselves. See, I tend to prattle.

    • It is actually a kind of stream of consciousness but then in narrative and a sort of dialogue. My own musings and random thoughts aren’t that much different from the Goblin’s posts. It takes a bit of getting used to, but when you get the hang of reading them, his posts have layers that got me thinking. So, yes, I like it. 🙂

  2. Loved the piece and loved that you shared it with all of us — thank you! Perhaps he truly is a goblin — there are many rooms in my father’s mansion….hope life is settling down for you again Lucy. What goes down must come up. It’s inevitable.

  3. (and with that the goblin showed, thanking the mouse, and then saying “…there are only ever two real choices on forumland, that of some known wendy or that of an unknown peter pan, where my sincerity is ever this promise of anonymity between us now, no fame nor fortune here, just a journey to self while it lasts but one without compromise too…”)

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