Featured Author – Shane O’Neill

Shane the AuthorToday Shane O’Neill has returned to the fold. I mean visits my blog again.

Hi Shane, it’s nice to see you back so soon after our first interview. I believe you have some news for us?

Hi Lucy, and thanks for having me back. Yes indeed. I have a new release out in three days, on November 11th. The book is called For Whom The Bell Tolls and takes The Dracula Chronicles right back to the very beginning. I previously began the series with the two vampire novels, but now it’s time to build the foundation of all that precedes this in the story.


What is it about this book that you think will have so much appeal to your readers?

It depends really. Those looking for vampires will not find any here. However, this is still a Gothic horror novel and is built around the early life of the real Vlad Dracula. I have re-created the world in which he lived in its entirety and I have woven my concept and premise in amongst that. I would hope it is enough to satisfy the most ardent fans of the two vampire books.

With each new book do you think you’ll be more into how the cover should look like, or will you still go through several drafts like a manuscript needs?

I always have a vision of what I want my cover to be, as I’m sure do most writers. I have dreamt of some of my covers for many years. But then I have a very able and competent cover designer who has his own ideas and always comes up with something special.

And a trailer? What made you want to do a book trailer and who created it for you?

Visual imagery is very powerful and it is a tool many writers now use. I have an existing trailer for the series that has been around almost seven years. I definitely wanted to produce one to introduce the concept whereas the old trailer is more of an overview of the series. The new trailer was created by a good friend of mine, who is somewhat of a mystery woman, and I think she prefers to remain that way.

Do you think it will attract more attention to the series?

I would like to think so. The music I have chosen is very good and the designer has combined it perfectly with the imagery she uses.

Are you planning trailers for all your books in the series?

This new trailer actually covers the first two books. But yes, that is something I am looking to do on a regular basis. I feel people are much more likely to watch a book trailer than read a written synopsis.

And when you’re done with this series, do you think you’ll do another series or do you see yourself writing more stand-alone novels?

This concept of this series is vast and quite epic in scope. I don’t think people are able to appreciate yet just how vast. Only over time as more books appear, will this become more apparent. This series will probably be over a dozen books by the time it has seen its course, and that will take very many years. I am busy with it every day and can’t envisage moving to another project for a long time to come. That is not to say I don’t have ideas for other projects, but they will have to take a back seat for a while yet.

I have started a second series of horror shorts called Tales Of The Black Sabbath that explore the darker recesses of the human psyche. There is one out so far, called Orchid. There will be more of these to follow.

Spin-offs perhaps?

I have thought about it, but nothing will come of that in the immediate future.

Thanks for returning and sharing this with us, Shane. I do hope you’ll come back whenever you have more news in future.

Thank you, Lucy, for having me. Oh, and for letting me appear again on your blog.

You’re welcome, let me just remind the folks where to find you online.

Shane has his site, a blog, on Twitter as @ShaneKPONeill, on Goodreads, on Youtube, on Amazon, and on Facebook.


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