How To Write Like A Goblin

The Goblin is back and he has new words and a new vision on an ‘old’ feast that is drawing close. How do you feel about this feast, or don’t you celebrate it?


it’s that time of year, so the goblin has been thinking about christmas again, and how in this modern age it just didn’t seem politically correct anymore, where non-Christians think it is too Christian, and where Christians think it is too pagan now, no what the goblin wanted to offer here was something else, something new in fact, “…well folks, it’s time for the all new “politically correct” name-change then…” ventured the goblin “…so what we need is something historical to celebrate in its place that is both secular and well known…” the goblin continued “…well how about celebrating the discovery on the new world by Christopher Columbus in 1492…”, in fact, the goblin had only suggested this, imagining that there were probably some people in America who were aware of it, “…simple, we take the his name and shorten it, “Chris” of Christopher and “bus” of Columbus…”, and with that the felt he had done his good deed of the day and now only wanted to be the first to say on this thread “…merry Chrisbus everybody…”


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