How To Write Like a Goblin

Another Monday, another post from the elusive Goblin.


the goblin’s inability to post recently, reflected something inside, which was as if saying to him “too much on ones plate” and yet, it was probably more important is this moment then, that the goblin posts on, “…simply, you see, the plate becomes so big that one eventually sees nothing else but it…” repeated the goblin, still aware that it was nearing christmas, that the american post election was being played out on some wobbly stage, and that the world was still warming too, and yet, all the goblin could actually see now was a massive plate of his own personal problems, “…oh no, just to think is not enough here, where “I post is to win”…” said the goblin, somewhat unconvincingly to himself, but, whether the goblin in fact posted or not, or whether the goblin looked only at his own personal problems then, the slot would only catch up with him at some later point with a tally of the duration of the time passed against the number of posts he had done, “…ah, this muse’s pact is too severe and slot always hungers…” mentioned the goblin trying to think beyond his little plate of concerns then


How full is your plate and how do you deal with it?

5 thoughts on “How To Write Like a Goblin

  1. (“…well, I never thought anyone would choose that one then…” voiced the goblin honored to be accepted here, adding “…livewriting, or writing in posts, is more like painting than writing, where one only has about 12lines to hook the reader in by any means possible, though I won’t spoil it by explaining further, instead I’ll let the mouse make her choice on my behalf hoping it will please…”)

    • (“…alas, the plate of personal concerns is often all that mr average ever cares to eat…” replied the goblin, adding “…where sometimes we forget that life in built upon a mere assumption of certainty too, for we can’t live for today because of tomorrow, yet we can’t live for tomorrow because it might not come neither…” continuing “…but now you ask me to prove an abstract upon this fiction we call virtual reality here, instead I can only state that something stands to reason, why, because you and I are not here in fact, no all that is here are these words upon your screen…”)

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