How To Write a Life

“Doesn’t every life has it’s hidden treasures?” Lucy smiles as a writer tries out a new way. “Aren’t all human lives the stuff of stories untold? Why not become that avatar, take on that persona and let it be its life you narrate, while keeping both egos in balance with each other. Can the persona be the interesting layer over the human one? Isn’t that why she chose that one for well founded reasons?” Lucy looks aside to peek into the kitchen where a creature is busy in the kitchen preparing a meal from whatever bits remain in the fridge and cupboards. She shakes her head and smiles decidedly happy. Getting up from that comfy couch she does a small hop skip. “Yes, very satisfying and not odd at all. Dialogue is a part of life and narration too, should this then not be livewriting instead of musing?” Sat again she sips her wine and smells the delicious scents of cooking and relaxes for she knows life is good now. “Any tense will do, but we live in the here and now, while the past must never be forgotten and is entwined with the present as is the future. For who knows what tomorrow will bring.”


6 thoughts on “How To Write a Life

  1. (“…one of your best…” went the goblin suspecting that these were early days yet, then adding “…yes, it’s amazing how this internet is changing both what we read and how we write it too, where to the online reader the authors and their works are just one and the same, and where too one’s readership now becomes one’s replyship instead…” whereupon the goblin just handed back the soapbox to the mouse)

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