How To Write About The Money God Like a Goblin

Found another post on a forum by the Goblin on a topic I know keeps my mind occupied as of late.


the goblin thanked everyone for reading or posting on here, though his mood was too pensive offer much in return, it was as if the goblin was once more back in the court of the moneygod being asked “…so goblin if you had one wish what would it be, name your price, I mean, you have a price don’t you, most people here do have at least something they want then…” smiled the knowing moneygod as he stretched out his open arms in a big wave around him across those endless lines of items on offer “…anything then goblin, you name your price and then I’ll name mine, it’s that simple…”, the goblin thought about it but then said “…no, I just want to be creative…”, “…ah another bloody fool who thinks happiness can’t be bought, simply you want to be “happy” then I take it, a happy little goblin in a happy life…” laughed the mocking moneygod sitting back in his chair now looking at the goblin, the goblin had to laugh at himself too “…I must be mad then, I don’t really want happiness either, I mean if you asked me to swap my past tears and my pain, all my sadness, anger, passion, the loves broken or otherwise, these long goodbyes of people and places going or gone, I wouldn’t swap them and I never will either, I am simply not cheap to their memory as those memories are all I have of me too, that’s all…” which was the point the casher told the goblin to put the groceries back into the cart because the people behind him in the queue were waiting, “…sorry I was somewhere else…” apologized the goblin as the supermarket reality mercilessly entrapped him once more in his dailylife


How do you go about being happy?

7 thoughts on “How To Write About The Money God Like a Goblin

  1. You asked, “How do you go about being happy?” That’s easy. I start each day with the Lord. It makes everything better even when the service people don’t make it on the day they are supposed to. Annoyed, but can still be happy as they promised to reduce the charge when they arrive tomorrow.

    • That Goblin (or Fleamailman as he’s also known as) does know how to capture me with his posts. I fully intend on staying on his tail and posting his thoughts as a regular thing on my blog.

      • (“…feel free to repost what you like, and whenever too…” replied the goblin most approvingly, adding “…where my goals are not those of fame nor of fortune neither, for I will never step out of this anonymity here, why, because upon forumland at least there are but two choices anyway, that of some known wendy or that of remaining as some unknown peter pan…”, in fact, the goblin was a persona then, just a mask of some alter-ego behind it, something as reflected by mere words upon your screen, smiling “…your readers are increasingly here though, plus they are getting ever more used to reading thumbtext over longhand, reading posts and blog entries over ebooks and paperbacks, where username becomes authorname, and where a persona of mouse is more remembered by its quick association to something within one’s dailylife than either one’s username or one’s penname are, ah but this much you knew already I know, no, I was really just writing this for your readers now if case they couldn’t see method to the madness…”)

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