Closure by Angela Ford

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I haven’t actually read this book yet, but still think it is a book worth my time. Why? Well, I like what the following says. Crime, a mystery, a serial killer, and a heroine, all the ingredients for a great read.

Closure…a gripping FBI search grounded by an as-yet-unrealized love story…Jess, a young FBI profiler is compelled to save the fourth victim from a sexual predator, only to put her life into the hands of a serial killer. 


Exciting new romantic suspense from debut author, Angela Ford. An elite FBI task force tracks online predators while they hunt their prey. A series of murders in Presario Heights has forced Special Agent Jessica Resario to follow her gut instinct to save the next victim. Supervisory Special Agent Tom Erickson removes her from the case. The only place to escape the danger is her family beach home. She hadn’t been there since her parents were murdered. The level of intensity climbs higher with her discovery of postcards marked “I Crave You”. Old ghosts, secrets, imminent threats and an inevitable attraction to Tom send her on an emotional roller coaster. If that wasn’t enough, she opens the door to a man she thought was dead. Tom is stabbed and his case files go missing…high emotions put Jess at the killer’s mercy.


Angela FordI’d also like to introduce Angela Ford to you by having her answer a few fast questions. Her answers will give you a small peek at the woman behind the author. But first I will give you some background info on her.

Angela works for Public Education and lives in Ontario, Canada with her two children. Being a mom has always filled her home with teenagers – her social network mentors. Angela is passionate about education. She has been dedicated and involved with cyber safety seminars. Her community involvement has given her an Award of Distinction. The quiet moments she does find allows her to plot to intrigue her readers. She is a member of the RWA and an avid reader of Romance. You can follow her at or visit her website at

She’ also known to be found online at the following places:

The Book of Faces aka FacebookTwitter @AngelaFord67, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Hi Angela, welcome to my blog. I have a few very fast questions for you. Please answer them without thinking, in a fast, one-word answer. Ready? Okay, here they come.

Sweet or savoury? sweet

Coffee or tea? tea

Chocolate or cookies? Chocolate!

Favourite dish? pasta

Ha!, I knew it, NOM! Pasta! 

Mountains or sea? sea

Staying or moving? staying

Organised or go with the flow? Go with the flow

Morning or evening? evening

Complain or act? act

Fight or flight? fight

Thank you Angela. Those answers actually tell me a lot about you. 🙂 You and I are very alike!

What does these answers tell you about Angela?



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