Super Fred by Tony Gilbert

Super Fred Cover Reveal

Before now I haven’t had the pleasure of promoting a kid’s book, but this one sounds like much fun.

So let me present SUPER FRED!

Fred is an unusual monster. After leaving scare school he realises that he doesn’t want to scare little boys and girls. How can he show his face in Monster Land now? Everyone will laugh at him! Then he meets a little boy called Dale, who comes up with an unexpected plan.

Want to read more? You just got lucky, because below there’s an excerpt from the book.

Then as he leapt into the street,

Avoiding the street light,

He made me promise, cross my heart

That I would hold on tight.

He ran and ran and ran and ran

And then he ran some more

And with me hanging to his fur

His big feet left the floor.

I can just imagine that, can you?  But to be sure, you’ll have to get a physical copy, ecause a book like this calls for a tree-book rather than an ebook.

The book is available on:


And if you want to know a bit about the author Tony Gilbert, do read on.

Bio pic LucyTony has been reading for 30 years and writing for the past two. He lives in Essex with his wife, Sammy, nine year old twins, Harley and Raven, two year old son, Cale and has another one on the way. He has two published eBooks on Amazon Kindle, ‘The Cloud Diary’ (a short story raising money for charity) and ‘Hugo – A Quest for King Borin’ (a children’s adventure novel). His children’s picture book, ‘Super Fred’ has now been published as a paperback

Where to find this author online?

You could look for him on facebook, or meet someone called Fred.

But whatever you do, have fun with your kids. Which brings me to my final question. 

Do, or did, you read with and to yours?


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