How To Write Like A Goblin on Habit

morning, and the goblin slides out of bed in his pre-coffee state, where hitting the bathroom, he will shave off his face, weigh himself against some long lost goal, and return to the bedroom to dress, before switching on those props of the electric kettle and the laptop, where his coffee made, a few gulps has him just roused from within, as if, landing on a “last post” thread has him fully awake yet motionless, till the goblin starts typing up some thought, or phrase, he had kept for this moment, or more often the goblin would just type a reflection of what he was thinking at the moment, or give up without disappointment, but either way, all this had long passed from that early point where the goblin had to explain to himself why he actually did it, for it, like his getting up in the morning was simply habit, “…and who needs any reason for habit…” he asked himself now, continuing “…it just is habit…”


What habits do you have and do you ever think about them?


5 thoughts on “How To Write Like A Goblin on Habit

    • (“…and how would have me write now…” replied the goblin, a dyslexic if ever there was one, and who could never write like those humans did anyway, thus excusing himself somewhat but not really though, and then adding “…nah, the truth is that, what with internet pulling away the book-readership, it’s hard to get those used to thumbtext to read longish posts in longhand, so I started out writing in longhand like the others, probably because I didn’t know better and because was so much older at the time, funny how anonymity acts like a timemachine in that way…”)

  1. Well, you had the getting up right until it came to gulping down the coffee. First I fix my breakfast, eat and do devotions, and then have my first cup of coffee and cigarette. I can hear everybody screaming now. Go ahead. I’m also a stubborn German. Oh, yes, I Tweeted for you!

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