How To Write Like a Goblin on Cause and Effect.

Another Monday, another post from the resident Goblin.


the goblin supposed that, if life made sense, then it would be too simple, and that, if “the effect” was always as predicted by “the cause”, then people would just look to their reward each time over the action itself then, so the goblin didn’t believe in “reward”, knowing that this life was full of cases, where “cause and effect” didn’t neatly follow one another, and the goblin thanked his life for it then, that “cause and effect” was mostly true, yes, though never quite 100% true where dailylife was concerned, so the goblin just repeated his favorite line to himself again “…the action is the reward in itself or else it’s just cheap and one is buying the reward now…”, ah yes, but the goblin had often been the cheap blind calculative type in his dealings with others, though maybe he was older now, at least he hoped so …


6 thoughts on “How To Write Like a Goblin on Cause and Effect.

  1. (“…I love that picture you’ve found for my post there…” went the goblin thanking the mouse for it, and who read every entry in turn, adding “…you’ve running a great blog too, I’ll try to do a post about this place sometime, early days yet as they say…”)

    • “Why thank you mister Goblin,” says the little mouse who also goes by Lucy. She laughs as this is a milestone for sure. The Goblin on my blog. “There is no try,” as a certain little green man once said. “I shall let you surprise me,” Lucy says as she rises to get herself a new brew before she continues on the dailylife chores. Laughing she adds, “Not realy a chore for I love to write and edit, and blog and …” She shakes her head. “Too many things and not enough hours Goblin.”

    • (“…perhaps the real plot is in there somewhere though…” replied the goblin thanking williamkendall1, adding “…only that it hides amongst the sideplots while one’s dailylife distracts one, and where the media coverage deceives one too, but you’re right though, perhaps a simple journey to self was all this life ever was then…”, where a journey to death sounded far too morbid to state as the goblin’s goal thoughout, smiling “…just a journey to self while it lasts then, a self that one won’t know till one gets there, not that they’ll be any time left to do much with that knowledge afterwards, like wanting to know how the book ends perhaps, only to reach the end of the book in doing so, funny what we want really isn’t it…”)

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