How To Avoid Old Mistakes – A New year’s Resolution

“New year’s resolutions,” Lucy snorts as she thinks of this. “When one wants, no needs, a change in ones ways, or life, why wait for the new year? Isn’t it better to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done? Will it not be more lasting that way than a resolution made on an evening filled with the best intentions? Isn’t the road to hell paved with good intentions? Or is that just paved with adverbs?” She laughs as she thinks of the author who wrote that and how she loves his books. “Yes, resolve your problems each and every day of the year, do not wait for one day, because one day might never come and you might regret the day you failed to make a choice.” She jumps up and laughs. “Don’t worry about what you cannot change and live your life the best you can. Take the good and heed the bad,” she repeats a phrase often said to her. “So look to the past to know your future, and learn from what you’ve done to not fall into the same trap again. Change a little bit every day of the year and not suddenly on the first day of a new year for a human is a creature of nature, nurture and cannot be changed overnight.”

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