One Word 365 Days

ow_facebook_cover_851x315When I woke up this morning and stared at my ceiling dreading the day and what I needed to do I realised I needed a change. Not necessarily in my life but in attitude, in me! I needed to focus on what gives me the inner peace to live as happy and meaningful as I can,but for that to happen something has to change, in me. What? I wasn’t sure yet, but the idea got stuck in my head.

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Instead of actually changing something right away I went about business as usual. Got up, brushed my teeth, did my yoga (that will never change) and put on the kettle to brew a coffee before firing up the good old laptop and feeling exhausted again. When I checked my inbox the first thing that caught my eye was a post from The Cabin Goddess about #OneWord365 and how it made her stop and think. Well, it that for me too.

After reading her post, and I suggest you do the same, I initially thought I needed her word. On second thought there’s more than that word that I need. I need ME. I know that sounds selfish, but if you know me, you know I’m always pleasing others and working my butt off to make sure others have what they need and I need to listen to me and my needs, but I also need a calmness of mind that I only have when practicing yoga, but I need it all the time. I need TIME to stop worrying, I need to see the love, I need to have faith in humanity, but most of all I need to let go of what I cannot change. I need …

Yes, I need to just stop driving myself forward on the wheel and just sit and swing while being happy and take life one day at a time. It’s too short to live it in a constant frenzy and fear of not being who people perceive you to be. I need to be me and not care if that pleases the whole world. And I could do with a little less coffee, perhaps.

So, join us on this journey to what ever it is you need and find your word, but first tell me what is your word?

13 thoughts on “One Word 365 Days

  1. (“…I give you my word then, but rather than an actual word per se, instead let me make it my promise to continue like this…” went the goblin supportively, appreciating the finesse of the mouse’s work once more, while all along this day just seemed a cascade of snowflakes around him now with the fresh blanket below him as if daring him to leave some temporary path upon it for no reason bar its being his choice in this moment, smiling “…alas no, those readers only ever get to see these tracks we leave behind us now, while we for our part get to pursue a creature that our pens that we can barely outline let alone capture, but if a fighter goes down fighting, then we’ll go down writing I suppose…”, yet the snow, in covering up goblin’s tracks behind him, didn’t heed his thoughts either)

  2. I went with the three word challenge, one isn’t enough for me: three was hard! Mine are where I want to focus: Spirituality – Creativity – Vitality.

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